Hi everybody!

As you know, we’re having final exams this week so to make up for 

lost classes ,you’ll have to prepare a Presentation for May 3rd and

you’ll have a written quiz about Unit 3: Customer Care and Working

Procedures from the book “Travel and Tourism” on Thursday 5th


The presentation is in pairs or groups of three students, each

student has to speak for about three minutes. The aim of this

presentation is to describe a destination and to prepare it use

the activity FIND OUT 1 on page 19 of your coursebook. Include

vocabulary from pages 15-16 and 17 and prepare a Power Point

with photos and music , BUT DON’T INCLUDE any information in

the power point slides. You should know the information by

heart. I already have some groups and the destinations they’ve

choosen. Please send me an email with the group members and

destinations. I don’t want to have two groups with the same


If  you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to write



  1. Maximiliano Elustondoabril 26, 2011   

    For the oral presentation of 3rd May… We choose a video, can be a video instead a power point?

    We think that a video show more that a power point … I don`t know. So we want to know if can be a video or a power point.

    Thanks For your time

    Maximiliano and Emilce

  2. valentinaabril 27, 2011   

    Miss Sarmiento, I need a favor. you could look at the road and remind the groups that are country Virlanga group, Iturbe and Ljoka. because they can not remember what it was. Thank you very much. Valentina Iturbe

  3. santiagoabril 28, 2011   

    must make a written report ?

  4. Carla Baezaabril 29, 2011   

    Miss Sarmiento you can remember that city file us to the group Baeza, Duran and Romano?

  5. lucianamayo 01, 2011   

    Como es tu mail?

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