Task 1 : read “The Winter’s Tale” (you can get it in Copy Rap)

Task 2 : INDIVIDUAL WORK .Answer the questions for class discussion May 4th

1- Who’s the author of “The Winter’s Tale”? Find out information about his life and work

2- Why did Leontes invite Polixenes to his kingdom?

3- How did Leontes convince his friend to stay longer?

4- How did Leontes react when his friend accept the invitation to stay longer?

5- How did the king punish his wife and friend?

6- Whose daughter was Perdita?

7- Why didn’t Polixenes let his son marry Perdita?

8- How did the story end?

9- One of the topics in this tale is LOVE. What other topic can you find in the story?

Task 3 : TEAMWORK May 4th

Choose a scene from the tale and dramatize it in class. You can wear costumes/make-up/play music etc. Use your creativity!

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