Important dates: make ups and Global exam

Hi everyone! Rember we are having the make ups next Tuesday, 26/11 : written and oral quizzes, and Mid-term tests. On Thursday 28/11 we are having the global exams. See you soon!

Fechas de Recuperatorios y globales

Hi everyone! Rember we are having the make ups next Tuesday, 26/11 : written and oral quizzes, and Mid-term tests. On Thursday 28/11 we are having the global exams. See you soon!

Revisions for Mid term Test 2

Hi there! Here you have some links to practice on the grammar studied. 1- Passive forms: 2- Have /get something done: 3- Indirect questions: Included Questions/Indirect Questions Exercises With Answers 4- Past perfect: Good luck!

Past perfect

Dear all, Here’s  a video about the use of the Past perfect: Enjoy it!

Practice for Mid term Test 2

Hi there! Get ready for Midterm Test 2! 1- Let’s start revising Future forms: 2- To check the use of Modal verbs, go to these links: 3- Practice present perfect on the links that follow: 4- If you need to practice Conditional Sentences, follow these links: […]


Dear students: Remember to prepare the oral presentation for next Tuesday, October 29th. We know you can do a great job! See you next class. Viviana y Liliana

Practice Present Perfect

Hi everyone! Please, download this copy about Present perfect- Practice. Do the activities at home, we´ll check them next class. See you soon!

Video on Present Perfect

Hello everyone! Take your time and watch the Video on Present Perfect carefully. If case of questions, we´ll answer them in class. Have a nice weekend!

Quiz unit 8 – Buccella

Dear students: We´ll have a quiz on Unit 8 on Thursday, October 17. (Only the students having classes with me) Study the grammar and vocabulary we studied in class. See you soon!

Have / Get something done

Hello everyone! Please, dowload this pdf: HAVE or GET STH DONE practice, so you can read about and practice on the structure. We’ll check the excercises in class. Have a great weekend!!

Modal verbs

Dear all: Here is a summary on the uses of modal verbs. I hope it is useful.


Dear students: To practice on the different adjectives, download this page: ADJECTIVES -ed OR -ing Do the excercices, we’ll check them in class. See you soon!

Conversations at the Airport

Hi every one! Here is a document for you to practice vocabulary and conversations At the airport – modals Download it and do the activities for next class. See you soon!!

Class 01/10/19 – Language II

Dear students: In Unit 8, we will deal with “Air travel“. Please, start working on the vocabulary related to the Services and facilities that can be found at an airport. Take these as an example: Can you mention the servicies and facilities in Mendoza airport? Do excercises 3 and 4, on page 68, Coursebook. Another […]

Mid term Test I – Language IV

Dear all: remember we are having our first Mid term Test on Thursday, September 26th. All the vocabulary and grammar points in Units 5 and 6 will be included, as well as the intensive reading “Tourism and the SDGs”. If you have any doubts and/or questions, we can discuss them next class. Mrs Cardinali and […]

Mid term 1 – Language II

Dear  students: We are having the first Mid term Test on Tuesday, September 24, at 11:15. We will include all the grammar points and vocabulary developed in Units 5 and 6 on the course and workbook. Regards Teachers Araniti and Buccella  

Class Language II- 19/09

Dear students: Here you have a questionnaire on the reading Alonso Bermudez Paniagua. .docx. Download it, answer the questions and bring it printed next class. You will have a grade for it. Have a nice weekend!

Class 19/09 Language IV

Hello everybody! As I told you last class, here there is a questionnaire on  Tourism and the SDGs . Work with it at home and bring it solved next Tuesday, September 24. Remember the content of the reading will be included in the Mid-Term. See you soon!  

Oral presentation Language II – 17/09

Dear students: To deliver your pesentation, use the structure in this document: Structure for oral presentations as a guide. Design a 4/5 – day itinerary in Mendoza, Work in groups (no more than 5 people) Prepare a Prezi / Power Point Include the information required (page 61 on the coursebook) and add any detail you consider important. […]


Here’s a list of activities for you to have in mind. Outdoor Activities -Go Get Adventure Bye for now!


Dear all, Here is a list of passive sentences used in different tenses. I hope it is useful. Regards!


Dear students, I hope this chart will help you understand the use of the different Furture Forms. See you soon!

Countable and uncountable nouns – Language II

You can do some practice on the topic.  

Clases Idioma II 29/08/2019

Estimados alumnos: Debido a que estamos afectadas a la mesa de examen el día jueves 29 de agosto, las clases comenzarán a las 12 hs. Quienes no asistan a clase, tendrán el ausente correspondiente. Saludos! Prof. Araniti y Buccella

Examen oral Idioma II

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Buenos días! Los exámenes orales para los alumnos que elijen no cursar la materia Idioma II, serán mañana jueves 22/08/2019, a las 12.20 hs. Saludos!

2 H1 – Idioma IV – Fechas recuperatorios y coloquios

Dear students, Remember the dates for Make ups! written and oral quizes: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st mid term tests 1 and/or 2: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd Colloquia: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st Barili, L Chaban, A. Chacón, C. Collado, N. Herrera, S. Lucero, S. Mauas, M. Colloquia: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 rd Monserat, D. Olgas, M. Ortega, L. Ortiz, S. […]

2 T1- Idioma IV – Recuperatorios y Coloquios

Dear students, Remember the dates for Make ups! written and oral quizes: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st mid term tests 1 and/or 2: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd coloquies: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd See you next week!!


Dear students, these are very important dates for you to have in mind: October, 31st (Tuesday): written quiz Units 8 and 9 (grammar & vocabulary) November 9th (Thursday): Mid Term 2 (units 8, 9 and 10) November 21st (Tuesday): Make ups oral and wrtitten quizzes. November 23rd (Thursday): Make ups Midterms – Colloquies (based on extensive reading […]

Classes 2 H1, Thursday 14th September

Dear Students We won´t have classes on Thursday, 14th September because of Final exams. Let´s meet on Tuesday, 19th September. Be ready for the Mid-Term test. If you have any doubts or questions, contact me!! See you soon!  

Inglés II – Recuperatorios y coloquios 1H1

Dear students: Have in mind these important dates: Tuesday, 22/11: Make ups for Quizzes, oral and/ or written. Same room, 08:30 am. Thursday, 24/11: Make upd for Mid terms, 1st and 2nd. Same room, 08:30 am. Thursday, 24/11: Coloquios, Same room, 09: 00 am. Student who have the chance to promote: Barili, Ma Luján Chaban, […]

Reminder – Inglés II – 1H1

Dear students!! Remember these dates: 08/09: NO CLASSES – Final exams 13/09: Reader: “Alonso Bermúdez Paniagua”; QUIZ Unit 7 15/09: ORAL PRESENTATIONS. 20/09: MID TERM 1. Best regards! Liliana

Inglés I – 1H2

Hi there! I just want to remind you about the next important dates: Tuesday, June 28th: Make up quizzes                                      Coloquios.  The ones having the chance to promote are: Collado; Correa; Escudero; Fiordelissi; Fratti; Lepez; Mauas; Olgas; Pérez […]

Inglés III – 2 T2

Hi there! I just want to remind you about the next important dates: Tuesday, June 28th: Make up quizzes Thursday, June 30th: Make up Mid terms 1 and 2 Coloquios (from 9 a.m). The ones having the chance to promote are: Moyano; Orrego; Ortega; Ríos; Svars; Yamin. Well done!!! See you next week!!

Accommodation types

Dear students, here there are two documents about different kinds of accommodation. We will discuss them in class. Have an excellent weekend! ACCOMMODATION TYPES Understanding The Different Types Of Accommodation In Tourism

Coloquios Inglés IV

Hi everybody! The students who are able to get the promotion for Lanuage IV are: Abaurre, V.; Lomburd, S.; Mauro, A.; Rosales, L.; Sisinni, F. Get ready for Monday November, 30th, at 11:30. See you then!

Make ups Mid-terms – Inglés IV

Dear students: We are meeting on Monday, November 30, at 11:15,  for you to make up for: Mid term 1 (units 7, 8 and 10): Bascuñana, Rodríguez, Vanesa; Verrechia, M. Mid term 2 (units 9,11 and 12): Bascuñana; Quiroga, D.; Rodríguez, V. Good luck!!

Inglés II – Make ups y coloquios- 30/11

Dear students: Quienes deben rendir recuperatorios de parciales el lunes 30/11 , 8:30 hs, son: Parcial 1 (unidades 6 y 7): Berrios, Beucher, Funes, Guzmán, Jofré Juan I. Parcial 2 (unidades 8, 9 y 10): Beucher; Bosio; Fernández, Federico; Jofré, Juan I; Laflor; Luque; Sosa, Daniela; Sosa, Daniela; Zamora. Quienes tienen la posibilidad de promocionar […]

Inglés II- Make ups – 24/11

Estimados: El próximo mates 24/11 deben recuperar trabajos prácticos: Escrito Unidad 6: Baldeón; Daruich, Flores, Moretti. Escrito Unidad 8: Beucher Oral (taking orders at a restaurant): Daruich Oral (checking in at the airport, dealing with difficult passengers, checking out of a hotel): Tejeda. See you soon!


Hello everyone! Here’s my presentationa about Conditionals. I hope it’s usefull for you. For now, only pay attention to conditionals 0 and 1. We’ll study conditional 2 next year. Conditionals See you next week!

English IV -Home work

Dear all! Here´s the printout from page 95 for you to do the homework for next class (ex. 1 and 2). See you on Thursday!

Take home exam – Inglés IV

Hy there! As you should know, here is a quiz for you to DO at home, and HAND IT IN on TUESDAY, OCTOBER, 13 TH. Quiz U9-2015 Have an exellent weekend!!

Home assignment – Inglés II

Dear students; As I told you in class, you have to download the following Assignment, based on the Intensive Readings, and do it in pairs. Hand it in TYPED, on Tuesday, OCTOBER 13 TH. HOME ASSIGNMENT- Idioma II- 2015 Have an excellent wekend!!!  

Inglés IV – carbon offset scheme

Dear students! here´s a video for you to better understand how the carbon offset scheme works. Enjoy it! carbon offset scheme  

Parcial 1 – Inglés II

Buen día! Les recuerdo que el parcial de Inglés II  se tomará según lo programado, el próximo JUEVES 17/09/15. Se incluyen las unidades 6 y 7 del libro “English for International Tourism”, estudien bien los temas gramaticales y vocabulario, Y la historia de “Alfonso Bermúdez Paniagua”. Saludos!

Mid-term 1- English IV

Buen día! Les recuerdo que el parcial de Inglés IV  se tomará según lo programado, el próximo JUEVES 17/09/15. Se incluyen las unidades 7, 8 y 10 del libro “Tourism 1”. Estudien bien los temas gramaticales y vocabulario. Saludos!

clases inglés 08/09/15

Hola a todos!! Les cuento que por haber mesas de exámenes, el día martes 08/09 NO HAY CLASES DE INGLÉS. Retomamos las clases con normalidad el día jueves 10/09 en el horario habitual, revisando las tareas asignadas. Hasta pronto!!!

Outdoor acivities – vocabulary

Hi everyone! There are a lot of outdoor activities we don’t know about. Have a look a these documents to acquire more interesting vocabulary! Outdoor activities Outdoor Activities -Go Get Adventure

Types of accommodation

Hi! Welcome to English IV! Here´s a list with different kinds of accommodation and their definitions. Go to the webpage (at the end) to see some pictures  of them and a lot of interesting information. I hope you find it usefull! See you soon!! Understanding The Different Types Of Accommodation In Tourism understanding the different […]

Oral situations for final exams – Idioma II

Hi everybody! Here’s a list of different dialogues you must know for the final exam. Grammar and vocabulary needed are in the book. In case of any question/s, you know where to find me. Speaking activities 2014 See you soon!    

The passive

Hello! Here’s the Power Point about passive voice. I hope you find it usefull. PASSIVE VOICE See you soon!

Autralia and New Zealand

Dear all, there are two study guides for you to better  understand the reading material. I hope you´ll find them usefull!  New_Zeland_study_guide  Australia study guide See you! Liliana

Fechas recuperatorios y coloquio Idioma I- 1T2

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Dear students: The make ups for quizzes (prácticos), oral and /or written are on Tuesday, June 24th, 8:30 am The make ups for Midterms (parciales) 1 and 2 are on Thursday, June 26th, 8:30 am The coloquios are also on Thursday, June 26th. 9:00 am. Students who can promote are: Giovanetti; Olaguibet; Quiroga, Diego; Sánchez, Rocìo; […]

Make ups, Coloquios – Idioma III- 2T2

Dear students: The make ups for quizzes, oral and /or written are on Tuesday, June 24th, 11:15 am The make ups for Midterms 1 and 2 are on Thursday, June 26th, 11:15 am The coloquios are also on Thursday, June 26th, 11:30 am.  Bermejo; Dall Acqua; LLanos; Ordoñez; Ortiz Galiotti; and Romero, you have this chance. Good for you! See you next week!

“Taste” – Questions

Dear all, here you are a set of questions for you to study and better understand the short story. Try to answer them all. In case you need, we´ll check them in class. See you on Tuesday!  Comprehension TASTE

Idioma I – 1T2

Good morning everybody! Recuerden que mañana 29/04 es el 1er parcial,  y deben entregar el práctico ( para tener otra nota) de Present Simple and Continuous. Para quienes no asistieron la clase pasada, dejé copias en bedelía, se las deben pedir a Claudio. Hasta pronto!!

Idioma I – 1T2

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Dear students! Tengan en cuenta las siguientes fechas: Martes 22/04: no hay clases. Estoy en mesas de exámen. Jueves 24/04: trabajo práctico en clase, presente simple y contínuo. Repaso para parcial. Martes 29/04: PARCIAL1. Unidades 1 y 2: Gramática y vocabulario. Hemos perdido muchas clases asique estudien mucho en casa y no dejen de asistir […]

Stative verbs

Dear students, here there is a list of verbs that in general are not used in the -ing form. I hope you find it useful. stative-verbs-list See you soon!

1T1 – Coloquios

Buenas tardes! Según los promedios obtenidos durante el cursado, quienes pueden promocionar son: Arijón Aldana; Cortés Natalia; Cunsolo Valentina; Dall Acqua Julieta; Escudero Franco; Gómez Agustín; La Rosa Gabriel; Maugeri Cecilia; MedinaGabriel; Monserrat Julián; Rincón Rocío; Rojas Silvia. Plascencia Bárbara, de acuerdo al promedio, tendrías la posibilidad. Chequeá en bedelía por qué no estás habilitada. […]

1T1 – Recuperatorios

Dear students, remember: make ups quizzes (oral and/or written): TUESDAY, 19/11; 8.30 hs. make ups Mid-terms: THURSDAY, 21/11; 8.30 hs. COLOQUIOS: THURSDAY, 21/11; 9 hs Please, go tomorrow (Thursday,14/11)in the morning (8.30 hs.) to comfirm what you have to make up for. See you!

1T1- Oral Quiz

Dear sts: This is  list of different situations you have to know for Language II. Prepeare all the dialogues for the quiz NEXT TUESDAY 12TH. Make your last effort! Have a very good weekend! Speaking activities 2013

Idioma II – 1T1

Buen día! Con motivo de la suspensión de clases del día de hoy (jueves 31/10), el quiz sobre conditionals se toma el próximo martes 05/11/2013.  Muy buen fin de semana!

Conditional sentences

Hi! Here I am again, sharing our last class. I hope you find it useful! Remember next quiz on 31/10. Have a nice weekend! Conditionals

New Zealand – Study guide

Dear student: follow this guide when reading about New Zealand New_Zeland_study_guide

Passive Voice

This is for you, in case you need to check some grammar. Remeber next class (08/10) we are having the unit quiz. Have a nice week end! PASSIVE VOICE

Giving directions

Hi everyone! Here´s what we saw last week. I hope you find it useful. See you son! Giving direccions; Giving directions – video

Australia – Study Guide

Australia study guide – Dear students: This may help you better understand your reading material. Try to answer all the questions. Good Luck!! Australia-study-guide1.doc

Quiz Units 10 and 11

Dear students, your next quiz, on October , 29th., is in the copy center ( Copi Rap). You must go there and ask for the Take-home exam of Language IV. Do it at home and hand it in at 8.30 on October 29th. In case you can´t go to classes, send it with someone. Best regads! Liliana […]

Short story to role play

Dear students, here´s the short story for you to perform. I hope you enjoy it. Do your best, but HAVE FUN!!    Marionettes Inc.

New Zealand – study guide

Dear students: once more, we are here to help you with your reading material. We hope you can take advantage of it. Good luck!! New_Zeland_study_guide


To refresh our vocabulary, or learn new important words…. accomodation alojamiento admission fee costo de la entrada brochure folleto camping site sitio para acampar car rental (US) alquiler de autos car hire (GB) alquiler de autos car park (GB) estacionamiento city centre (GB) centro de la ciudad cruise crucero double room habitación doble double room with […]