recuperatorios y coloquios idioma 2

recuperatorios y coloquios….martes 26 at 8:30 am…..see you!!


recuperatorios y coloquios….martes 26, at 11 a.m…..see you!!!!!


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recuperatorios y coloquios….martes 26, at 8:30hs. ….see you!!!!!

HOME(ES) documental sobre el planeta y nosotros

Acerca del planeta y el hombre. Aprender y entender. Tomarse tiempo y verlo todo (1h.30)…o  en partes. Un documental  excelente. Imágenes impecablemente bellas. Palabras esclarecedoras y precisas.

licenciatura medoza inglés4: parciales, recuperatorios y coloquios

– parciales: CAETANO 3, DE LUIS 5, FERNÁNDEZ 2, FREIRÍA 4, HUGALDE 6, MINOTTO 7, MONTENEGRO 4,                                                      QUILODRÁN 6, RODARO 3, SANTONATO 7, SUDEN 3. -recuperatorios:  PW1 CAETANO;   […]

articles english IV licenciatura mendoza

Swiss hotels……Swiss hotels Nakura…..Nakura Grenada….Grenada  

no classes Sept 6

We are not having classes tomorrow – Sept. 6th- because of exams. moni huertas

licenciatura mza. inglés 3: recuperatorios y coloquios

recuperatorios: demarque6, fernández4 y 4,rodaro6, suden 5 y 5. practical works y quizzes: de luis 7, fernández 4 y 4, rodaro 5, suden 5 coloquios  furlán 9, minotto 8, quilodran 8, santonato 8.

licenciatura mza. inglés 1: notas de recuperatorios y coloquios

recuperatorios: araujo: 4 y 6; Kaucich: 4 y 4; Lombino: 7; Luna: 7; Pelleriti: 5; Rivas: 7 practical works y quizzes: Luna7,Rivas7, Balnco7,Mozzicafredo7. coloquios:breccia7,Domsic8,d’aste8,enrique8, fernández7,moreno8,pederiva8,tenti8.

If you feel like going to the theatre,…..

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Don’t miss ‎”Earnest” obra de teatro en inglés. Dirigida por Rubén Scattareggi. Martes 21 de junio. A las 1430 y 19hs. Teatro Quintanilla. Be there!! los esperamos!

licenciatura, inglés III, recuperatorios y coloquios

When?  Wednesday 22nd. June Who? RECUPERATORIOS: PW1: de Luis, Fernández, Rodaro; P1: Fernández, Suden. PW2: Fernández, Suden ; P2: Demarque, Rodaro, Fernández, Suden. COLOQUIOS: Furlán, Minotto, Quilodrán, Santonato.

licenciatura, inglés I, recuperatorios y coloquios

When?  Wednesday 22nd. June Who? RECUPERATORIOS: Q1: Rivas; PW1: Rivas; P1: Araujo, Kaucich, Lombino, Luna, Pelleriti. PW2: Blanco, Luna, Mozzicafredo; P2: Araujo, Kaucich COLOQUIOS: Breccia, Enrique, Domsic, D’Aste, Fernández, Moreno, Paniccia, Pederiva, Tenti.

licenciatura inglés III, new cornell paper, At Bertram´s hotel

You can use wikepedia for  At Bertram´s hotel and Christie´s biography; but be careful because  the TV series has some plot changes. Also, I´m uploading  the extensive paper to replace the one about complaints: customer_preference_for_restaurant_technology_innovations mónica

licenciatura inglés I Kaherine Mansfield

Here is a nice link to guide you in your reading of The voyage; you can use wikipedia for Katherine Mansfield´s biography. mónica

At Bertram’s Hotel

here is  the link to watch “Marple: At Bertram’s Hotel”, by Agatha Christie, in parts. bye.

Inglés 3, Licenciatura Mza. sites and uploads

  Here I am with some useful sites and uploads. – Intensive readings: articles   Italy: Perfect destination for fish tourism    and  Part of Versailles Palace   -Extensive readings: articles Tsunami’s effects, France`s ice age art caves , sofía city and Cornell paper -bilingual dictionary and pronunciation:  -monolingual dictionary and pronunciation: – units exercises : -Grammar:  -Listenings: […]

Inglés I Licenciatura Mendoza: Sites and uploads

  Here I am with some useful sites and uploads. – Intensive readings: articles   disabled travel    and  endangered sites ;  Short story: the voyage -Extensive readings: articles Travel photography , Cruising Alaska, Laos and Luang Prabang -bilingual dictionary and pronunciation:  -monolingual dictionary and pronunciation: – units exercises : -Grammar:  -Listenings: -On line Magazine: […]

make ups licenciatura inglés II

mad…..ausente Suden….4 and 4 fernandez …..4 and 5 minotto…..5 caetano….6 de luis….6

make ups licenciatura inglés IV

Here are the marks: Alessi…quiz 5….mid-term 5                                                  Puglisi….quiz 6…mid-term 6                 Broin…quiz 6….mid-term 6                                                    Ríos….quiz 6                  Fischetti…quiz 7                                                                        Sosa…mid-term 4 Lasalle….quizzes 6 & 6                                                             Wilde….quiz 5….mid-term 4                         González…mid-term 5

some guidelines to read Travels with my aunt

TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT   by Graham Green Do some research about Graham Green in order to provide some context to the novel. Here is a summary of the plot: “Recently retired bank teller Henry Pulling is carried away from his settled lifestyle when his long-lost aunt comes to visit him on the day of his […]

recuperatorios y coloquios licenciatura inglés II

Make ups…. november 29th. 7 pm Caetano….article 1st. period. De Luis….article  1st. period. Fernández….mid-term 1; mid-term 2. Mad….article 1st. period….mid-term 1; article 2nd. period….mid-term 2 Minotto……mid-term 2. Suden….article 1st. period… mid-term 1; mid-term 2. Coloquios: november 29th. at 7 pm.  (Travels with my aunt…up to chapter 14) Demarque, Furlán, Montenegro, Quilodrán y Santonato

recuperatorios y coloquios licenciatura inglés IV

Make ups…. november 24th. 7 pm Alessi….articles 1st. period….mid-term 1 Broin….article  1st. period….mid-term 1 Fischetti….practical work 1st.period Gonzalez….mid-term 1 Lasalle….article 1st. period; article 2nd. period Puglisi….article 2nd period….practical work  2nd period Ríos…..article 1st. period Sosa….mid-term 1 Wilde…article 1st. period…mid-term 1 Coloquios: november 29th. at 7 pm.  (Travels with my aunt…up to chapter 14) Furlotti, Hernández, […]

articles inglés II

remember that your articles are in this issue

articles inglés IV

remember that your articles are in this issue

inglés II next quiz

Your next quiz is on September 6th. You have to read articles 1.Kosovo destruction and reconstruction and 2. 5 stars hotels vs. 4 stars hotels.

inglés IV next quiz

Your next quiz is on September 15th. You have to read articles 1Cider makes a comeback on Vancouver Island and 2 Integrated online marketing.

syllabus English IV

The syllabus is here…syllabus lic ingles4

syllabus English II

The syllabus is here:  syllabus lic ingles2

some links

hello licenciatura English II and IV!!!  here are the links I told you about: geography….. listening ….. grammar…… and the online magazine…..

make ups licenciatura inglés I y III

Suden: 5 Fernández: 4 y 4 Mad: 4 Conde: 6 y 6 Alessi: 6 Campagna: 5 Lasalle: 6

Ways to express future

Simple future (will) -predictions:    It´ll rain tomorrow -promises/intentions:  I´ll keep your secret -threats:  I´ll never speak to you again! -suggestions:  Shall we go to the cinema? -offers:  I´ll carry that for you. -sudden decisions:  Is she ill? I´ll phone her, then. Going to –decisions/plans:  I´m going to go to B.A. in July. -predictions with evidence:  […]

about Johnathan Swift

Context J onathan Swift, son of the English lawyer Jonathan Swift the elder, was born in Dublin, Ireland, on November 30, 1667. He grew up there in the care of his uncle before attending Trinity College at the age of fourteen, where he stayed for seven years, graduating in 1688. In that year, he became […]

about Katherine Mansfield

Historical Context Katherine Mansfield wrote many stories in the period during the period between the two world wars. In many ways they reflect the context of their creation. The 1920s saw enormous political and social disturbance throughout Europe. In the new Soviet Union, for example, the Marxist revolution was nearing completion. The Soviet Union’s powerful […]

licenciatura-inglés I: some dates

  Reminder: 26…intensive reading articles 31…deadline practical works 2 …oral quiz 2 14…parcial II

some dates

Reminder: 26…oral quiz 2 p. 35 31…intensive reading articles 2…deadline practical works 14…parcial II

licenciatura:mid term and quiz

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remember… midterm….Wednesday 21…as plannned….reading and writing, listening, vocabulary, simple past present perfect…. oral quiz …let`s talk on  Wednesday.

licenciatura:mid term

mid term: Wednesday 21, as planned….reading and writing, vocabulary, listening and future.

Practical works 1 and 2. Inglés 3, Licenciatura Mendoza.

Here you have practical works 1 and 2. Practical Works 1&2-inglés3- 2010 Remember…deadline: april 19th. bye, moni

Practical works 1 and 2

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Practical Works inglés 1-1&2 2010   People at the Licenciatura Mendoza, Click  above to see and download your practical works 1 & 2 .  Remenber, the deadline is April 19 th. bye. Mónica

syllabus and readers (intensive and extensive)

Hello people, I´m copying your syllabus and the articles here, but in case you want to have a look at the magazine, here is the link. First, the syllabus. Progingl3lic2010 now the articles for intensive reading p2_2 d1 t2 m5 and….the ones for extensive reading d4 customer_preference_for_restaurant_technology_innovations  the voyage You can also ask for paper copies downstairs, […]

syllabus and readings (intensive and extensive)

Hello people, I´m copying your syllabus and the articles here, but in case you want to have a look at the magazine, here is the link. First, the syllabus. Progrlicingl1 now the articles for intensive reading h5 d5_2 t4 m1 and….the ones for extensive reading (except Gulliver, of course) complaint_communication p6 You can also ask […]


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ya subí las notas de los recuperatorios, aprobaron todos.

horarios de consulta

voy a estar para consultas el día jueves 10 de 11:15 a 12:15

link de la revista

here is the link of the magazine. you have to go to OLDER ISSUES 2009 and then to issue VI 2009…the cover of the magazine has a schoolbus….bye.

algunas fechas

preguntas….miércoles 18 recuperatorios y coloquios…..lunes 23

algunas fechas

práctico…jueves 19 recuperatorios y coloquios….lunes 23

heritage and tourism in Brazil

I´m copying the description of an interesting project on tourism and cultural heritage of black Africans and their descendants in Brazil…I hope you like it! Desafío de Geoturismo: Quality of tourist experience and educational benefit to tourists, Quality of benefit to residents for the destination, Quality of tourism management by destination leadership, Quality of stewardship […]

reading for pleasure

here is a nice story ….hope you enjoy it Hospitality and Tourism by Peter Olszewski The declining standards of Rangoon’s last great hotel and the security of its Lost and Found. Back in 1978, Burma had only recently opened up for tourism and I grabbed the chance to visit this mysterious country, which I’d always […]

MTV about you

A new study by MTV Being young: an “attitude” that can last until 34 A new study reveals that the “golden age” of youth is between the ages of 25 and 34, and that this period is really more a question of “attitude” than it is “demographic.” The investigation, done for MTV, also proves that […]

modal verb tutorial

Here is a grammar reference to modal verbs. Modal Verb Tutorial What are Modal Verbs? Modal verbs are special verbs which behave very differently from normal verbs. Here are some important differences: 1. Modal verbs do not take “-s” in the third person. Examples: * He can speak Chinese. * She should be here by […]

obama´s speech

Hello students. Here is the link to watch the speech…and also the transcription of the speech. moni REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT IN A NATIONAL ADDRESS TO AMERICA’S SCHOOLCHILDREN Wakefield High School Arlington, Virginia THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. All right, everybody go ahead and have a seat. How is […]


here is a reminder of  our Intensive and Extensive readings: INTENSIVE Pinocchio’s land Canada’s French connection 10 trends point the way to future resort development Sustainable development CHAPTER 1 : Death on the Nile EXTENSIVE The Male get-away: only for him Women only hotels Stag-weekends: home or away? The growing and diverse spa market of […]

about Death on the Nile

Hello students, I`m copying and pasting an article on  death on the Nile that is worth reading. Bye. Tea, crumpets, and Death on the Nile By Kira Shewfelt Settled on the terrace veranda of the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, Agatha Christie began writing one of her famous murder mysteries. Soaking in the heat of […]

environmental impact

Hello students, I`m copying an  interesting paper on environmental impact that could be used for class discussion. Hope you like. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF URBAN AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT A case history:  Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico By Peter V. Wiese, retired exploration geologist Executive Summary Before its development, Cancún Island was a barrier island, 17 km long […]

revista digital y otras yerbas

gente de inglés I de la  licenciatura: les mando un par de sitios interesantes para leer y practicar. -artículos en una revista digital -sitio para listenings y práctica de pronunciación -sitio para práctica de temas de gramática

grammar practice

Here is a site for you to practise grammar online.

passives and reported speech

Here is a site for you to practice grammar:  passives (choose 196) and reported speech (choose 270).

listening site

Here is the site for you to practise listening and pronunciation.

about messy hotels

Is Your Hotel A Mess? By Kirby Payne and Bill Gillette, May 1, 2006 In virtually all the hotels we’ve served — the good and the bad — these commonalities are almost culture issues. If we find two or three of the good (or bad) aspects, we usually will find more — again, good or […]

Artículo en inglés sobre Mendoza

Essential Travel Info for Mendoza, Argentina From the Rugged Andes to 900 Vineyards, Mendoza is a True Utopia © Jeff Bartlett Jul 1, 2009 Mendoza is described by a single word – Diversity. Cerro Aconcagua, Las Leñas ski resort, 900 vineyards and annual Vendimia Festivals insure endless thrills for all. Located in Western Argentina at […]