Idioma II – SMA – 2nd June

Hello everyone, As promised, some practice on modals: Must and Have to, and should. Please print the exercises and bring them on Thursday. Any doubts, please contact me. Rosario

Idioma II – SMA – 21st May

Hello everybody, Here are some exercises to go on practicing the Future. Please print them and bring them to class next Thursday, as we are going to work with them. Any doubts, please contact me. Rosario

Idioma II – SMA 7th May

Here you have some activities to practise complaining and apologising: Tripadvisor apologies Please print them and do them. We’ll review them together in class next Tuesday. See you next week, Rosario

Idioma II – SMA – April 14th and 16th

Hello everyone, Here’s a list of papers, exercises and deadlines: April 21st – from Tourism and Catering Workshop – Unit 5, Exercises 2 and 3 Here’s some Present Perfect Practice. Please print the exercises and bring them next class. April 23rd – from English for International Tourism – Unit 6 – Exercise 15: Interview a […]

Idioma I – San Martín de los Andes – Clases de consulta

Hola a tod@s, Quienes quieran o necesiten que nos reunamos para aclarar dudas, calmar ansiedades y practicar un poco de inglés no duden en contactarse conmigo, así fijamos un día (o más de un día) que nos quede bien a todos para aprovechar al máximo los días que nos quedan antes del examen final. Cualquier […]

Idioma I – SMA – Tests

Hello everyone, Here’s a list of your marks. Any doubts please contact me. Para promocionar o rendir final deben presentarse con el Workbook completo. El final es escrito y oral. El recuperatorio del TP 4 es oral. Los recuperatorios y coloquios son el jueves 4 de diciembre a las 18hs. Si necesitan clases de consulta, […]

Idioma I – SMA – Week 7

Hello everyone, This week we’ve been dealing with questions, polite requests and vocabulary related to restaurants. Here’s a link to one of the videos we watched in class, so that to you can watch it again and note down interesting and useful expresions.  Here’s another one: Useful expressions at the restaurant. For next class, (I […]

Idioma I – SMA – Week 6

Hello everyone (and Happy Mother’s Day!) As promised, a detailed recap of what there’s to do for next class: Units 11 and 15 from Tourism and Catering Workshop. Remember that the Get Real exercise on page 17 is to hand in and will be issued a grade mark. Here are the directions we agreed on: […]

Idioma I – SMA – Week 5

Hello everyone, Next class we’ll be moving on with our program, so try not to fall behind with your homework. For next class you have to do the following exercises to hand in: Demonstratives (This, That, These, Those)1 Simple Present 1 Questions 1 If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask me. See […]

Idioma I – SMA – Week 4

Hello everyone, Next week we’re having a mid term test, so it’s important that you practice. Here you have a Mock exam  to download, print and do for next class. I’m also adding the excercises on job descriptions for you to hand in: Vocabulary – Job descriptions. The workbook is very good practice, so if you […]

Idioma I – SMA – Week 3

Hello everybody! Here we’re again. For next week, you have to finish Units 1, 3 and 7 from Tourism and Catering Workshop. If you’ve given me your booklets, here you have a link to reprint and do the homework to hand in next Thursday : Week 3 – Homework. Remember that on Wednesday we’re not […]

Idioma I – SMA – Programa

Hello eveyone, Here you can check out the syllabus for this term: Programa Idioma I – SMA 2014 See you, Rosario  

Idioma I – SMA – Week 2

Hello everybody! Here’s homework for next class: Student’s book: page 26, Ex. 1 and 2 page 27, Ex. 6a and 6c page 32, GRAMMAR; VOCABULARY (only Ex. a) page 33, Ex. 1a Workbook: page 20 and 21 (complete) page 23, Ex. 3a and 3b We’re meeting early on Thursday, at 5pm, to review those issues […]

Idioma I – SMA – Week 1

Hello everybody! Here’s homework for next week: From the student’s book (SB): page 17, exercise 4. a and b, exercise 5. a, b and c page 19, exercise 4. a and b, exercise 5. b pages 22 and 23 (complete) pages 90 and 91 (complete) From the workbook (WB): Unit 2, from page 12 to […]

Idioma I – SMA Welcome!

Welcome everybody! Esta breve entrada es para recordarles que pueden conseguir todo el material para la cursada en Tecmaq (correo: – Dirección: Elordi 470 – Tel: 02972 411 811) En estas dos primeras semanas del curso nivelatorio (y probablemente también durante las dos primeras semanas de clases) vamos a utilizar como libro guía el […]