Notas Globales (28/11) – Idioma IV – Prof. Cardinali

Dear Students, These are your grades in the Global exam: Tayura, Nahir (67%) 7 Perugini, Antonela (71%) 7 Morengo, Dolores (90%) 9 Carrizo, Martina (70%) 7 Francese, Fernanda (65%) 7 Epifani, Aldana (65%) 7 Manzur, Emanuel (78%) 8 Manzano, Pilar (91%) 9 Ramos, Agustina (63%) 6 Toriglia, Agustina (96%) 10 The marks were based on […]

Notas recuperatorios Idioma IV – Prof. Cardinali

Dear students, these are your marks on today´s exams: Make up Oral Quiz – Festivals: Rosales 4, Foresto 10, Tayura 10, Perugini 8 Make up Quiz – Goals: Foresto 9, Linero 6, Gil 4, Francese 6, Barrionuevo 6, Delank 4 Make up Written Quiz Unit 1: Carrizo 7, Pujado 5, Pallotti 7, Loiácono 9, Delank 8 […]

Revision for Midterm Test #2

Dear all, Please, remember that on Novermber, 14th you will be sitting for Midterm test #2 and as stated in previous classes you must master the following topics (Units 8, 9 and 10): Grammar: Have/get something done Question forms: Closed, wh-questions (subject/object questions), indirect questions. Past Perfect vs simple past (Review the irregular verb list!) […]

Oral Presentation: Tuesday, October, 29th

Dear students, We will have the oral presentations about “Making Hotel Improvements” after the examination boards on Tuesday, 29th. This is the guideline: Oral Presentation #2 See you tomorrow!

Speaking Practice

Speaking Practice – 10 – 10

Revision for the 1st Mid-Term Test

Dear all, This file is for you to practice and review what will be included in this week´s mid-term test. Hope you find it useful. 1st Mid-term Test Revision

Language IV: Oral Presentation

Structure for the Oral Presentation   Structure for oral presentations – Language IV

Language IV: links for practicing passive voice