Notas Globales (28/11) – Idioma IV – Prof. Cardinali

Dear Students, These are your grades in the Global exam: Tayura, Nahir (67%) 7 Perugini, Antonela (71%) 7 Morengo, Dolores (90%) 9 Carrizo, Martina (70%) 7 Francese, Fernanda (65%) 7 Epifani, Aldana (65%) 7 Manzur, Emanuel (78%) 8 Manzano, Pilar (91%) 9 Ramos, Agustina (63%) 6 Toriglia, Agustina (96%) 10 The marks were based on […]

Notas recuperatorios Idioma IV – Prof. Cardinali

Dear students, these are your marks on today´s exams: Make up Oral Quiz – Festivals: Rosales 4, Foresto 10, Tayura 10, Perugini 8 Make up Quiz – Goals: Foresto 9, Linero 6, Gil 4, Francese 6, Barrionuevo 6, Delank 4 Make up Written Quiz Unit 1: Carrizo 7, Pujado 5, Pallotti 7, Loiácono 9, Delank 8 […]

Revision for Midterm Test #2

Dear all, Please, remember that on Novermber, 14th you will be sitting for Midterm test #2 and as stated in previous classes you must master the following topics (Units 8, 9 and 10): Grammar: Have/get something done Question forms: Closed, wh-questions (subject/object questions), indirect questions. Past Perfect vs simple past (Review the irregular verb list!) […]

Oral Presentation: Tuesday, October, 29th

Dear students, We will have the oral presentations about “Making Hotel Improvements” after the examination boards on Tuesday, 29th. This is the guideline: Oral Presentation #2 See you tomorrow!

Speaking Practice

Speaking Practice – 10 – 10

Revision for the 1st Mid-Term Test

Dear all, This file is for you to practice and review what will be included in this week´s mid-term test. Hope you find it useful. 1st Mid-term Test Revision

Language IV: links for practicing passive voice


Estimados alumnos: A continuación encontraran un link para completar la encuesta que realizamos cada cuatrimestre de las catedras que uds. cursan. La misma debe ser completada por curso y por cada cátedra que se encuentran cursando actualmente. Les agradecería la completen ya que la misma nos ayuda a mejorar la calidad académica. Saludos cordiales.

For the final exam…

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All the units are included in the oral exam. Remember the exam usually takes four parts: 1st, your presentation: this time it will be about an article from It should be related to one of the units we have studied such as  describing a festival, a particular destination in terms of its tranportation (cruises, […]


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Please, during this week, I´ll be collecting the videos you so well prepared last class so that I can upload them in our web. I’d really like everybody to see what you’ve done. Don’t forget to bring it on Tuesday or Thursday at the usual time! Thanks a lot!

Make up Exams Week

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On Tuesday, I’ll be evaluating colloquios. They´ll be about  “North India: A Success Story of a Village Tourism Project” from Tourism-review online magazine and another article  prepared by yourself from the online magazine related to the units seen in the book. On Thursday, I´ll be evaluating mid term make up exams and Quizzes exams.   If […]

Regular classes

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As we couldn´t make an appointment for a guided tour with some time in advance (for all the changes you asked me to make) tomorrow we will be having regular lessons. See you tomorrow and be ready to discuss the article we couldn´t cover last class.


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Tuesday 12th  , we´ll finish unit 5 and we´ll make a revision for the mid term. We´ll also discuss the article “Worst Medical Toursim Disasters” Thursday 14th, guided tour videos about different  touristic places here in Mendoza. Tuesday 19th, mid term 2: Unit 3: Travel by road and rail Grammar Comparatives and superlatives Functions Dealing […]

Useful phrases from different dialogues

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This is from Fernandez and Di Carlo. Get your own copy and be ready to study them.



Some news about this week!

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My dearest students!!! Tomorrow, I’m having exams at 11 o’clock. So we can easily meet and have normal classes at 8:30. I´ll be there first thing in the morning. See you then!


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As you know, we are having the mid term tomorrow Thursday 19th. Click here for some help about simple past and present perfect. o here for passive voice. This site will be very useful for writing about festivals, as you’ll probably have to do.

Quiz and Mid Term

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My dearest students, let me tell you that next class Thursday 12th April, you are having a quiz  on Unit 1 ( Basically grammar and vocabulary) Don´t forget to do excercises in the Activity Book for practice. On April 19th, you are having the Mid Term Test which will include units 1 and 2 from […]