Estado académico

Estado académico El estado académico será el resultado obtenido por el alumno en el proceso de aprendizaje y la consecuencia de las notas obtenidas en las evaluaciones, más las asistencias a clases. Existen en el sistema académico tres condiciones: AD Aprobación directa de la asignatura AND Aprobación no directa de la asignatura NA No Aprobación […]

Pedí tu habilitación

No te olvides  ! si estas inhabilitado por documentación o mora recordá cuando ya hayas cumplimentado con los requisitos de pago u entrega de documentos pendientes pedir que te habiliten eso permitirá que puedas promocionar, inscribirte a  exámenes finales, inscribirte a cursado etc.. Podes solicitar tu habilitación a

News for next week

My dearest! I do apologise for the delay in the information, but I thought I had upoaded all the information last Thursday night. I do not know what has happened to the long and detailed message I wrote last Thursday. Now, I’m still in BA and I’m afraid I can’t check all the information against […]

Our class from October 5th

Last Thursday, as there were many absent students. We decided to upload the class online. Click this link to enter the page. 

Have a look at your marks!

Hi everybody! As you are not able to see at the grills in Autogestión, I´ll upload them here. You will be able to see the final marks for every instance of evaluation during the second term. See you on Thursday  29th June for the make up exams or colloquia. Notas_Comision_2017-44-2016-12-1 Planilla de notas de idioma […]


Hi everybody! This week we are taking make up exams and colloquia. Tuesday 27th: Mid term I and Mid term II make up exams. Mid term make up I: Ortiz, Eugenia. Thursday 29th: Oral and written quizzes make ups and colloquio. Oral quizzes make up for the first term: De Vita, Renata Colloquia:  Aguirre, Caram, Emmi, […]

Visiting Intercontinental Hotel

My dearest students from Idioma III! We are visiting Intercontinental Hotel instead of Hyatt, next Thursday 22nd at 11am. Since the site was offered during our regular class time, I decided yo invite you to the Intercontinental hotel. We’ll meet at the hotel main Hall at 11. I hope to see you all there. See […]

Consulta Idioma III – Weigandt

Hello Vanina: How are you? I’m writing to answer our questions as regards July exam. The readers are the ones presented in the syllabus, you have the list already. You need to start with a short presentation on one of the Extensive readers( one of the ones we did not work with in class) , […]

More material to have a look at…

Hi everyone! Here’s some material for you to work on. See you next week! Modal Verbs explanation. Click here or more practice. Hotel Rating

Online class for Tuesday 18th April

My dearest, I won´t be going to the University tomorrow as I’m ill in bed. Here’s a list of tasks for you to do:  Go to page 18 of your coursebook. Do excercise 1 and 2 on means of transport. Click here to go through some extra information on transport. Click here to check with […]

Consulta Idioma III

Hola Federico: Los extensive readers correspondientes a Idioma III son los siguientes: Rowe, Anne; SMITH, John D.; BOREIN, Fiona. Travel and Tourism Standard Level . Cambridge International Examinations, 2002. Chapter 1: The travel and tourism industry Chapter 3: Customer care and working procedures Podés encontrar el libro en la biblioteca TYH y allí consultar cada […]

Hola Federico: Los extensive readers correspondientes a Idioma III son los siguientes: Rowe, Anne; SMITH, John D.; BOREIN, Fiona. Travel and Tourism Standard Level . Cambridge International Examinations, 2002. Chapter 1: The travel and tourism industry Chapter 3: Customer care and working procedures Podés encontrar el libro en la biblioteca TYH y allí consultar cada […]

The Marketing mix

Here’s the article we’ll discuss un class.

Cronograma Idioma III. 2T1

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Cronograma Idioma III 2017 2T1

Inglés III – 2 T2

Hi there! I just want to remind you about the next important dates: Tuesday, June 28th: Make up quizzes Thursday, June 30th: Make up Mid terms 1 and 2 Coloquios (from 9 a.m). The ones having the chance to promote are: Moyano; Orrego; Ortega; Ríos; Svars; Yamin. Well done!!! See you next week!!

Make up week

Hello everybody, Just a quick reminder as regards the following week: Tuesday June, 28th : Make up Oral and Written Quizzes. Colloquies Thursday June, 30th: Make up 1st and 2nd Mid Term Please check your averages in autogestión. See you next week, Mercedes Frassinelli

Accommodation types

Dear students, here there are two documents about different kinds of accommodation. We will discuss them in class. Have an excellent weekend! ACCOMMODATION TYPES Understanding The Different Types Of Accommodation In Tourism

Oferta Laboral

1 Hotel South Beach,  Miami, Florida Part of Starwood Hotels  & Resorts, 1 Hotel South Beach sits on several hundred feet of shoreline within the heart of South Beach , defining luxury condos in the Miami Beach area. Located on Collins Avenue, one block above 23rd  Street, the unofficial line between north and south . […]

Oferta Laboral y Pasantías

Centro de Ski El Colorado- a 45′ de Santiago de Chile solicita Recepcionista USD 800 mensuales mas Bono de termino de temporada USD 200 estipulado en contrato. Requisito idioma portugués nivel intermedio.  Atención huésped, profesional Hoteleria/Turismo USD 700 mensuales, mas Bono de termino de temporada USD 200 estipulado en contrato  Mozo/a,  USD 600 mensuales mas […]

Recuperatorio Parciales y Coloquios

Importante Debido a la suspensión del paro los recuperatorios de parcial y coloquios serán tomados en la fecha establecida en el calendario académico,  el día jueves 25 de junio a las 11.15 hs. Un saludo, Mercedes Frassinelli    

Nueva fecha coloquio y recuperatorios parcial

IMPORTANTE Debido al paro de transporte programado para el día jueves 25 de junio, el coloquio final y los recuperatorios del 1er y 2do parcial serán tomados el día lunes 29 de junio a las 11.15.  Un saludo, Mercedes Frassinelli  

Interviews English III

Hello there, Part of our work in this subject, English III, has been surveys. As an assignment, students had to interview English speaking tourists who were visiting Mendoza. Some of the interviews are here for you to watch, learn and just enjoy. Have a nice day! Mercedes Frassinelli     By Andrea Mauro and Carla Romani  […]

Final dates Idioma III Turismo

Hello there, Here are the final dates of our 2nd term. Make sure you write them down! June, 16th 2nd Mid Term June, 23rd Make up Quiz ( Oral & Written) June, 25th Make up Mid Term ( 1st & 2nd)  and Colloquy Any questions, I’m here, Mercedes

Idioma III 2015 – Intensive Reader

Hello everybody, Here is a link where you can download a free copy of the intensive reader we are going to be working with this year :”Tourism stories: how tourism enriched my life. “ Remember we will be working with only some of the stories included here. Check your syllabus. See you in class. Mercedes […]

Make ups, Coloquios – Idioma III- 2T2

Dear students: The make ups for quizzes, oral and /or written are on Tuesday, June 24th, 11:15 am The make ups for Midterms 1 and 2 are on Thursday, June 26th, 11:15 am The coloquios are also on Thursday, June 26th, 11:30 am.  Bermejo; Dall Acqua; LLanos; Ordoñez; Ortiz Galiotti; and Romero, you have this chance. Good for you! See you next week!

Make up week

Hello everybody, Here are the dates of the make up session coming the following week: Make up oral and written quiz: June 24th  Make up Mid Term ( 1st and 2nd) and Colloquies: June 26th  For the colloquy, you have to present the complete booklet and a presentation on the extensive readers: Europe: Key Eco-friendly […]

“Taste”, by Roald Dahl

Hi everybody, Here is a comprehension guide (TASTE)   that will help you out through the reading of our reader “Taste” by Roald Dahl. Remember we will be discussing it next Thursday. Have a nice weekend. Mercedes Frassinelli

“Taste” – Questions

Dear all, here you are a set of questions for you to study and better understand the short story. Try to answer them all. In case you need, we´ll check them in class. See you on Tuesday!  Comprehension TASTE

1er Parcial

Hello everybody, Since we didn’t have classes yesterday, I leave this  quick post to let you know the date of our MID TERM test. April, 29th  Units included: 1, 2 and what we have seen of unit 3. The travel and tourism industry ( intensive reader): pages 54- 63. Social and cultural impacts of travel and […]

Stative verbs

Dear students, here there is a list of verbs that in general are not used in the -ing form. I hope you find it useful. stative-verbs-list See you soon!

Cronograma inglés III

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cronograma Id III 1° sem-2014

On the make up exams for the quizzes

My dearest students! Remember  that when you make up for the written quizzes, you have to sit for an exam which is like an “integrador”. So, your responsibility is to go through all the exams that we had during  the first or the second term. (Actually , two written quizzes in each term and two […]

Cronograma inglés III

cronograma Id III 1° sem-2013


Estimados alumnos: A continuación encontraran un link para completar la encuesta que realizamos cada cuatrimestre de las catedras que uds. cursan. La misma debe ser completada por curso y por cada cátedra que se encuentran cursando actualmente. Les agradecería la completen ya que la misma nos ayuda a mejorar la calidad académica. Saludos cordiales.


recuperatorios y coloquios….martes 26, at 11 a.m…..see you!!!!!

Material dinámico de ejercitación

The 6 books of Headway that I uploaded in the Bibioteca Virtual are a great help for studying for exams with the test builder, also fun with the games and the Everyday English with the variety of dialogues of travel situation. I hope you do them all. Regards, Nydia

Vocabulario y Audios

The material I´ve sent to the Biblioteca Virtual  includes several books for careers. There are 3 books called Tourism that are for different levels of difficulty and it can be used by both careers Tourism and Hotel Management too. You can practice grammar as well as vocabulary and listenings. You can improve your level of English […]

Describing Trends: language

Try this site to review material on how to describe trends. Click here for practise or here for going through the language.

Vocabulary and expressions for giving presentations

Make sure you go over this page before your presentations! Click here!


Notas_Comision_2010-44-2002-15-2 Notas_Comision_2010-46-2003-15-2


Important dates: Tuesday 22nd make-up oral and written quizzes Thursday 24th make-up midterms and coloquio Tuesday 29th final marks

Questions chapter 3 Cambridge


Charla de la Secretaría de Turismo en la UTN

El día viernes 30/04/10 a las 14:00 hs. de desarrollará en el Auditorio de la UTN (Rodríguez 273, Mendoza) una charla informativa acerca de la Secretaría de Turismo. Estará   a cargo de la Lic. Magdalena Beltrán e invitamos a profesores y  alumnos a interiorizarse acerca del funcionamiento de este organismo perteneciente a la Superestructura […]

Hay 2 ….. Muy Buenas Noticias ¡!!!!

1) ¡ NO  están vencidas !  Las materias cursadas y regularizadas en el 2do semestre del 2008 en las carreras Téc. Superior en Gestión de Empresas  Turísticas y Hoteleras, esta buena noticia es para todos los alumnos ya que su regularidad se extiende hasta Julio de 2010.  2) ¡ Entonces ahora pueden cursar ! los alumnos que […]

Viaje de Estudios 2009- Santiago de Chile

Oct 28, 2009 by Maria Veronica Rigotti Category: Administración Financiera I, Administración Financiera II, Administración Hotelería, Administración Turismo, Alimentos y Bebidas, Calidad en Empresas Turísticas, Circuitos Turísticos, Comercialización I Hotelería, Comercialización I Turismo, Comercialización II Hotelería, Comercialización II Turismo, Contabilidad Hotelería, Contabilidad Turismo, Costos, Costos Operativos, Economía Hotelería, Economía Turismo, Ecoturismo, Estrategias Empresariales, Evaluación de Proyectos, Formulación de Proyectos, Gestión de habitaciones, Gestión Hotelera, Idioma I Hotelería, Idioma I Turismo, Idioma II Hotelería, Idioma II Turismo, Idioma III Hotelería, Idioma III Turismo, Idioma IV Hotelería, Idioma IV Turismo, Impuestos, Inglés, Inglés I, Inglés II, Inglés III, Inglés IV, Int. a la Industria de la Hospitalidad, Introducción al Turismo, Legislación Turística, Licenciatura en Turismo, Marketing, Negociación y Creatividad, Organización de Empresas Turísticas, Organización de Eventos, Planificación y Desarrollo Turístico, Portugués I, Portugués II, Práctica Profesional Dirigida, Probabilidad y Estadística Hotelería, Probabilidad y Estadística Turismo, Proyecto Final, Proyecto Turístico, Recepción y Reservas, Recursos Humanos, Relaciones Públicas, Servicios de Información, Servicios Turísticos I, Servicios Turísticos II, Sistemas Operativos, Técnicas de Comunicación, Técnicas de Investigación, Tecnologías aplicadas a la Gestión de Empresas (Hotelería), Tecnologías aplicadas a la gestión de empresas I (Turismo), Tecnologías aplicadas a la gestión de empresas II (Turismo), Todo Hotelería, Todo Turismo, Turismo de Negocios 6 comments

Estimados docentes, los invitamos a sumarse a nuestro viaje de Estudios con el objetivo de añadirles conocimientos y herramientas basadas en la práctica de la Hotelería internacional. La idea es que participen todos aquellos que deseen acompañar a nuestros alumnos en esta experiencia tan enriquecedora. Ver descripcionViaje Chile Docentes


To refresh our vocabulary, or learn new important words…. accomodation alojamiento admission fee costo de la entrada brochure folleto camping site sitio para acampar car rental (US) alquiler de autos car hire (GB) alquiler de autos car park (GB) estacionamiento city centre (GB) centro de la ciudad cruise crucero double room habitación doble double room with […]

Artículo en inglés sobre Mendoza

Essential Travel Info for Mendoza, Argentina From the Rugged Andes to 900 Vineyards, Mendoza is a True Utopia © Jeff Bartlett Jul 1, 2009 Mendoza is described by a single word – Diversity. Cerro Aconcagua, Las Leñas ski resort, 900 vineyards and annual Vendimia Festivals insure endless thrills for all. Located in Western Argentina at […]