Notas recuperatorios Idioma IV – Prof. Cardinali

Dear students, these are your marks on today´s exams: Make up Oral Quiz – Festivals: Rosales 4, Foresto 10, Tayura 10, Perugini 8 Make up Quiz – Goals: Foresto 9, Linero 6, Gil 4, Francese 6, Barrionuevo 6, Delank 4 Make up Written Quiz Unit 1: Carrizo 7, Pujado 5, Pallotti 7, Loiácono 9, Delank 8 […]

Important dates: make ups and Global exam

Hi everyone! Rember we are having the make ups next Tuesday, 26/11 : written and oral quizzes, and Mid-term tests. On Thursday 28/11 we are having the global exams. See you soon!

Revisions for Mid term Test 2

Hi there! Here you have some links to practice on the grammar studied. 1- Passive forms: 2- Have /get something done: 3- Indirect questions: Included Questions/Indirect Questions Exercises With Answers 4- Past perfect: Good luck!

Past perfect

Dear all, Here’s  a video about the use of the Past perfect: Enjoy it!


Dear students: Remember to prepare the oral presentation for next Tuesday, October 29th. We know you can do a great job! See you next class. Viviana y Liliana

Oral Presentation: Tuesday, October, 29th

Dear students, We will have the oral presentations about “Making Hotel Improvements” after the examination boards on Tuesday, 29th. This is the guideline: Oral Presentation #2 See you tomorrow!

Have / Get something done

Hello everyone! Please, dowload this pdf: HAVE or GET STH DONE practice, so you can read about and practice on the structure. We’ll check the excercises in class. Have a great weekend!!


Dear students: To practice on the different adjectives, download this page: ADJECTIVES -ed OR -ing Do the excercices, we’ll check them in class. See you soon!

Encuesta docente

Estimados alumnos, Dado que estamos les solicitamos completen la encuesta docente ya que su opinión nos ayuda a mejorar la calidad académica. A continuación encontrarán listados los docentes, les pedimos completen la encuesta de cada materia que cursan. Prof.Eliana Arcoraci Prof. Viviana.Cardinali Prof.Marcelo Rosental Prof.Matias Managó Prof.Miguel Sanguedolce Prof. M.Marta Garriga Prof.Lia Garcia Santos Prof. […]

Revision for the 1st Mid-Term Test

Dear all, This file is for you to practice and review what will be included in this week´s mid-term test. Hope you find it useful. 1st Mid-term Test Revision

Mid term Test I – Language IV

Dear all: remember we are having our first Mid term Test on Thursday, September 26th. All the vocabulary and grammar points in Units 5 and 6 will be included, as well as the intensive reading “Tourism and the SDGs”. If you have any doubts and/or questions, we can discuss them next class. Mrs Cardinali and […]

Class 19/09 Language IV

Hello everybody! As I told you last class, here there is a questionnaire on  Tourism and the SDGs . Work with it at home and bring it solved next Tuesday, September 24. Remember the content of the reading will be included in the Mid-Term. See you soon!  

Language IV: Oral Presentation

Structure for the Oral Presentation   Structure for oral presentations – Language IV

Language IV: links for practicing passive voice


Dear all, Here is a list of passive sentences used in different tenses. I hope it is useful. Regards!

Información sobre recuperatorios y globales

Recuperatorios globales: Los recuperatorios de los globales se evaluarán en la semana del 3 al 7 de diciembre 2018. Cada cátedra evaluará el recuperatorio el día  asignado al examen final de la materia. NO deben inscribirse quienes rindan recuperatorio del examen global.

Estado académico

Estado académico El estado académico será el resultado obtenido por el alumno en el proceso de aprendizaje y la consecuencia de las notas obtenidas en las evaluaciones, más las asistencias a clases. Existen en el sistema académico tres condiciones: AD Aprobación directa de la asignatura AND Aprobación no directa de la asignatura NA No Aprobación […]

2nd Midterm Test – Language IV- Nov, 1st

Estimados alumnos: De acuerdo con el cronograma de la asignatura, el examen parcial N°2 se evaluará el día 1 de noviembre. Un saludo cordial. Ms Leticia Farías

Ausencia: Clase 25/4

Estimados alumnos: El día martes 25/9 no asisitiré a clases ya que me encuentro con parte de enferma. El día jueves 27/9 retomaremos normalmente y se evaluará, como estaba previsto, el examen parcial N°1. Atte. Ms Leticia Farías

Salida Suspendida al Hotel MOD el 6/9/18

Estimados alumnos: Se ha suspendido el “Hotel Tour” a realizarse el día jueves 6/9. Por lo tanto, los espero a clases en la facultad. Un saludo cordial Ms Leticia Farías


Dear students, these are very important dates for you to have in mind: October, 31st (Tuesday): written quiz Units 8 and 9 (grammar & vocabulary) November 9th (Thursday): Mid Term 2 (units 8, 9 and 10) November 21st (Tuesday): Make ups oral and wrtitten quizzes. November 23rd (Thursday): Make ups Midterms – Colloquies (based on extensive reading […]

Ausencia Profesora Bucella 10/10/2017

Estimados alumnos el día martes 10/10/2017, no tendrán clases con la profesora Bucella. Saludos.  

Cronograma Idioma IV

Cronograma Idioma IV 2017Cronograma Idioma IV 2017Cronograma Idioma IV 2017  

Consulta T. Raganato

Hello Teodoro, How are you? The syllabus that is uploaded is the one that will be taken into account for the next exam session (July) , since the subject has not been given again. On the other hand, you can present the workbook you already worked with. Any questions, please contact me through this platform. Good […]

Important- October 26th!

Dear all, Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend university tomorrow ( Wednesday, 26th ) due to health issues. The assignment that we have programmed will have to be postponed for Monday, October, 31st. Hope you have a nice weekend, Mercedes Frassinelli

Assignment September, 26th : Interview

Hello everybody, As you know, we are having an outing to “Los Toneles” Winery next Monday, September, 19th . You need to present the list of questions ( 10) to be asked in the interview AND the name of the person to be interviewed. The list will be sent to my mail: mercedes.frassinelli in […]

Cronograma Idioma IV

Cronograma Idioma IV 2016

Oferta Laboral

1 Hotel South Beach,  Miami, Florida Part of Starwood Hotels  & Resorts, 1 Hotel South Beach sits on several hundred feet of shoreline within the heart of South Beach , defining luxury condos in the Miami Beach area. Located on Collins Avenue, one block above 23rd  Street, the unofficial line between north and south . […]

Oferta Laboral y Pasantías

Centro de Ski El Colorado- a 45′ de Santiago de Chile solicita Recepcionista USD 800 mensuales mas Bono de termino de temporada USD 200 estipulado en contrato. Requisito idioma portugués nivel intermedio.  Atención huésped, profesional Hoteleria/Turismo USD 700 mensuales, mas Bono de termino de temporada USD 200 estipulado en contrato  Mozo/a,  USD 600 mensuales mas […]

Coloquios Inglés IV

Hi everybody! The students who are able to get the promotion for Lanuage IV are: Abaurre, V.; Lomburd, S.; Mauro, A.; Rosales, L.; Sisinni, F. Get ready for Monday November, 30th, at 11:30. See you then!

Make ups Mid-terms – Inglés IV

Dear students: We are meeting on Monday, November 30, at 11:15,  for you to make up for: Mid term 1 (units 7, 8 and 10): Bascuñana, Rodríguez, Vanesa; Verrechia, M. Mid term 2 (units 9,11 and 12): Bascuñana; Quiroga, D.; Rodríguez, V. Good luck!!

End of term news

My dearest, here’s the list of students who need to go for the make  up exams and the colloquio next week. MAKE UP EXAMS: FIRST TERM ASSIGNMENTS: Dalmau/Olivar  (oral) SECOND TERM ASSIGNMENTS: Dalmau/Olivar (oral) FIRST MID TERM TEST: Dalmau/ Olivar/ Oliver SECOND MID TERM TEST: Dalmau/Oliver COLLOQUIO:  CHATRACHIA, LOYACONO, OLAGUIBET, MINTO

News and further practice.

Hello my dearest! I’m sorry for not showing up today, I’m not feeling well.  Here’s a link for you to keep on practicing air travel situations. Please, remember next class Tuesday 20th we’re having the presentations on airports. Remember to consider not only general information, but also include services and facilities (refer to the most […]

English IV -Home work

Dear all! Here´s the printout from page 95 for you to do the homework for next class (ex. 1 and 2). See you on Thursday!

Take home exam – Inglés IV

Hy there! As you should know, here is a quiz for you to DO at home, and HAND IT IN on TUESDAY, OCTOBER, 13 TH. Quiz U9-2015 Have an exellent weekend!!


My dearest! Have a look at this self-explanatory video and do further practice here and/or here.

Inglés IV – carbon offset scheme

Dear students! here´s a video for you to better understand how the carbon offset scheme works. Enjoy it! carbon offset scheme  

Mid-term 1- English IV

Buen día! Les recuerdo que el parcial de Inglés IV  se tomará según lo programado, el próximo JUEVES 17/09/15. Se incluyen las unidades 7, 8 y 10 del libro “Tourism 1”. Estudien bien los temas gramaticales y vocabulario. Saludos!

Outdoor acivities – vocabulary

Hi everyone! There are a lot of outdoor activities we don’t know about. Have a look a these documents to acquire more interesting vocabulary! Outdoor activities Outdoor Activities -Go Get Adventure

For next Thursday!

My dearest students, read the following article for our next class August 20th, and be ready to talk about them!!!! Remember it’s also included in the booklet of practice. “Literary Tourism: The literary tourist trail hits and misses” by Jenny Scott. BBC News. See you!    

For oral presentations

Please, have a look at the following material for giving presentations. Remember, it’s a formal instance, so be formal!!! Click here to go over vocabulary related to facilities and services at a hotel.   See you tomorrow!!!!

Placement Tests

All students who presented for the exam last Tuesday in order to be exempt from attending the regular course corresponding to English IV, should go for the oral counterpart of the exam. Students from Hotel Management will have the oral exam at 10, after the break. Students from Tourism will have the exam at 12.30. […]

Types of accommodation

Hi! Welcome to English IV! Here´s a list with different kinds of accommodation and their definitions. Go to the webpage (at the end) to see some pictures  of them and a lot of interesting information. I hope you find it usefull! See you soon!! Understanding The Different Types Of Accommodation In Tourism understanding the different […]


As long as it doesn’t interfere with other subjects or exams…PLEASE TRY TO GO EARLIER TO SIT FOR THE COLLOQUIO. I’ll be in room 7 or 8 ground floor taking exams from 8.30.  You are a lot! (ORDOÑEZ, LLANOS, BERMEJO, DALL AQUA , ORTIZ, ROMERO, LA ROSA, RINCON, MAUGERI, ROJAS, ARIJON, CASTALDI AND CUNSOLO.) THANK […]

About your final condition

Click below to have a look at your grades. Notas de Hotelería -Idioma IV Notas de Turismo -Idioma IV Have a look and read the previous entry to know when you sit for the different exams. Have a nice weekend and see you on Tuesday!    


Remember dates: Tuesday 18th: Quizzes make up exams (oral and written for the first and second term) Thursday 20th: Mid term 1 and 2 make up exams and colloquio. Colloquio: Preprare a presentation on  the extensive reading (page 33 from the booklet) Be ready to answer questions in the end.   See you next week!

Clases de Inglés IV del día 07/10 (Prof. Silvina Sarmiento)

Estimados Alumnos, el día martes 07 de octubre la Prof. Silvina Sarmiento no asistirá a clases.   Saludos.


My dearest students,  the presentations on SWOT analysis meant for tomorrow will be put off for the following Thursday 25th September after the mid term test due on the 23rd. In this way, we will be able to finish unit 9 completely and make a revision for the mid term test. See you tomorrow!


Click here to practice language, listening and vocabulary online on the same topics. Here’s a copy of the Assignment on unit 7. Remember it’s a group assignment to be done in teams of 3 or four groups so I won’t be recieving individual assignments. Have them sent to my email ( by next Friday 29th. Make […]

Prepositions Practice

Click here for a quiz on prepositions

Cronograma Inglés IV

cronograma Id IV-2h1,2t1

fechas recuperatorios y coloquios

Hi everybody! These are the dates for make-ups and coloquiums: Tuesday, November 19th Make ups for quizzes ( written) and oral Thursday, November 21st Make ups for Mid- Term Tests 1 and 2 Coloquiums kind regards, your teacher

Importante !

Estimados alumnos  Se solicita aquellos alumnos que se encuentren con mora en sus aranceles hacerlos efectivo a la brevedad, visto al cierre del semestre para  poder Promocionar, rendir Exámenes Finales ,solicitar certificados , hacer uso de la Biblioteca o Inscribirse al próximo semestre implica  haber cumplido con los compromisos asumidos de pago. Desde ya gracias […]


Hi everybody! Here I attach a file of an interesting text about new outdoor activities. Please, print it and bring it next class to work with it. See you, your teacher Outdoor Activities -Go Get Adventure

oral test about advertising a product

Hi everybody! This is to inform you that the oral test planned for today has been postponed for this coming Thursday, September 26th. Your Mid-term results will be ready on Thursday,too. Kind regards, your teacher

Traditional and low-cost airlines

Hi there, here goes an article published last March about the disappearance of differences… sounds strange, doesn’t it? Let’s read! Legacy vs Low cost: Spot the difference Mercedes



recuperatorios idioma IV

Dear students, As you may well know tomorrow ´s make-ups have been canceled. Our new agenda for those will be: Thursday 22nd November make ups for mid term tests 1 and 2 coloquiums Tuesday 27th November make ups for oral and written quizzes. regards, your teacher


Estimados alumnos: A continuación encontraran un link para completar la encuesta que realizamos cada cuatrimestre de las catedras que uds. cursan. La misma debe ser completada por curso y por cada cátedra que se encuentran cursando actualmente. Les agradecería la completen ya que la misma nos ayuda a mejorar la calidad académica. Saludos cordiales.

Jornada Provincial de Inversiones Turísticas 2012 SLA

Estimados alumnos, a continuación encontrarán una invitación para participar de la Jornada Provincial de Inversiones Turísticas 2012. Ojalá puedan participar y sacar provecho de la misma Programa

Material dinámico de ejercitación

The 6 books of Headway that I uploaded in the Bibioteca Virtual are a great help for studying for exams with the test builder, also fun with the games and the Everyday English with the variety of dialogues of travel situation. I hope you do them all. Regards, Nydia

Vocabulario y Audios

The material I´ve sent to the Biblioteca Virtual  includes several books for careers. There are 3 books called Tourism that are for different levels of difficulty and it can be used by both careers Tourism and Hotel Management too. You can practice grammar as well as vocabulary and listenings. You can improve your level of English […]

hora consulta



To all my English IV students, This is to tell you that your final marks have already been uploaded in Autogestión . Tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving your Mid-term make-ups in Bedelía for you to have them. Also, I´ve changed the time of my office hours for next Monday 6th December. These will be from […]

results of quizzes make-ups

Hi there! Here I send you the results of your make-ups. The students who were absent to sit for them, are LIBRES , unfortunately.  Remember next Monday 29th, you’ll have the ones for the Mid-terms. I`ll be at the UTN to hand in the make ups and clear out possible doubts. Regards, your teacher HOTEL MANAGEMENT Juan Manuel Arrese: […]

make ups

Hi everybody! I remind you of our agenda for the next days: Wed Nov. 24th: make ups for quizzes                     Colloquies: Hotel Management: Andreína Córdoba, Natalí Ceverino, Marcos Chionetti                                             Tourism: Cecilia Hernandez, Romina Maurelli, Alexis Miranda. BRENDA CARRIÓN: there was a mistake with the average of your written quizzes marks for the SECOND SHIFT. Unfortunately, you WILL […]

Short story to role play

Dear students, here´s the short story for you to perform. I hope you enjoy it. Do your best, but HAVE FUN!!    Marionettes Inc.

winery visit

To all my students, Hi! This is just to remind you of tomorrow’s visit to Cavas de Weinert Winery. I’ll be waiting for you at the winery ( the address is San Martín 5923- Luján district). The price is $5 pesos. The first visit is at 9.15 am for Hotel Management students. So, please be […]

role plays

hi everybody! This is just to remind you of tomorrow`s oral evaluation about Units 7-8-9 inclusive. The role-plays will be about: Room reservation Selling a conference venue Suggesting about tourist attractions in Mendoza Driving in Mendoza Hiring a car See you around, your teacher


Hi everybody! This is to tell you about tomorrow`s schedule. Monday 20th will be devoted to the last writtten practice prior to the Mid-term. Be ready to review grammar on Units 7-8-9 inclusive and to clear all your possible doubts out. The role plays will be taken next Monday. See you tomorrow , your teacher

Hay 2 ….. Muy Buenas Noticias ¡!!!!

1) ¡ NO  están vencidas !  Las materias cursadas y regularizadas en el 2do semestre del 2008 en las carreras Téc. Superior en Gestión de Empresas  Turísticas y Hoteleras, esta buena noticia es para todos los alumnos ya que su regularidad se extiende hasta Julio de 2010.  2) ¡ Entonces ahora pueden cursar ! los alumnos que […]

Marks & exams

Hi everybody I’ve already uploaded all the marks. As regards the exams JCarlos told me I couldn’t leave them in bedelia but I have to give them to you instead. I’m going to the UTN on Wednesday 9th from 8.30 to 9.30. Regards Carolina


Gracias por completar esta encuesta. Tu aporte ayuda a nuestra mejora continua. Prof. Carolina Espressatti Prof. Victoria Ramos

Encuesta Jornadas Turismo y Arqueología

A todos los alumnos de 2T1 los invitamos a completar la encuesta sobre las Jornadas llevadas a cabo el 2 y 3 de noviembre de 2009. Muchas gracias por su participación! Para completarla clickeá aquí


CONDITIONAL SENTENCES   Type 0 :  If   + present tense,  present tense We use type 0 to talk about general truths or facts. If the batteries are flat, the radio doesn’t work.   Type 1 : If   + present tense, will  /  can  + infinitive.It refers to the future We use the 1° conditional to […]

New web to practice for mid-term

grammar web Hi everybody! Do extra practice with the two web pages I’ve sent you. On Wednesday before the exam you can ask questions if you have any doubts Carolina

Grammar Website

grammar website Hi everybody! Use the web to get extra practice for the quiz and mid-term Nice weekend Carolina

important dates and further practice for mid-term test

Conditionals and Relative Clauses Hi students, Here I send you our calendar for the following weeks. They are important dates for you to have in mind: Wednesday 4th Nov. -Oral presentation about CELEBRATIONS . ( last oral mark) Monday 9th Nov. -QUIZ about Units 11-12 and final review for exam. Wed 11th Nov. -MID-TERM TEST […]

The Power of Intention

link to videos The Power of Intention 

End of year schedule for Tourism

2 / 11 : Seminar 4/ 11 : Unit 12 – Oral presentation ” Festivals and traditions” – Death on the Nile chapter 1 9/ 11 : Quiz Units 11 & 12 – review for mid-term 11/11 : mid-term 16 / 11 : results mid-terms – feedback / condition 18 / 11 : consultas p/ […]

End of year schedule for Hotel Management

2 / 11 : Unit 12 – Death on the Nile ch. 1 & 2 –  Video “The Power of Intention” 4/ 11 : Unit 12 – Oral presentation ” Festivals and traditions” 9/ 11 : Quiz Units 11 & 12 – review for mid-term 11/11 : mid-term 16 / 11 : results mid-terms – […]

Viaje de Estudios 2009- Santiago de Chile

Oct 28, 2009 by Maria Veronica Rigotti Category: Administración Financiera I, Administración Financiera II, Administración Hotelería, Administración Turismo, Alimentos y Bebidas, Calidad en Empresas Turísticas, Circuitos Turísticos, Comercialización I Hotelería, Comercialización I Turismo, Comercialización II Hotelería, Comercialización II Turismo, Contabilidad Hotelería, Contabilidad Turismo, Costos, Costos Operativos, Economía Hotelería, Economía Turismo, Ecoturismo, Estrategias Empresariales, Evaluación de Proyectos, Formulación de Proyectos, Gestión de habitaciones, Gestión Hotelera, Idioma I Hotelería, Idioma I Turismo, Idioma II Hotelería, Idioma II Turismo, Idioma III Hotelería, Idioma III Turismo, Idioma IV Hotelería, Idioma IV Turismo, Impuestos, Inglés, Inglés I, Inglés II, Inglés III, Inglés IV, Int. a la Industria de la Hospitalidad, Introducción al Turismo, Legislación Turística, Licenciatura en Turismo, Marketing, Negociación y Creatividad, Organización de Empresas Turísticas, Organización de Eventos, Planificación y Desarrollo Turístico, Portugués I, Portugués II, Práctica Profesional Dirigida, Probabilidad y Estadística Hotelería, Probabilidad y Estadística Turismo, Proyecto Final, Proyecto Turístico, Recepción y Reservas, Recursos Humanos, Relaciones Públicas, Servicios de Información, Servicios Turísticos I, Servicios Turísticos II, Sistemas Operativos, Técnicas de Comunicación, Técnicas de Investigación, Tecnologías aplicadas a la Gestión de Empresas (Hotelería), Tecnologías aplicadas a la gestión de empresas I (Turismo), Tecnologías aplicadas a la gestión de empresas II (Turismo), Todo Hotelería, Todo Turismo, Turismo de Negocios 6 comments

Estimados docentes, los invitamos a sumarse a nuestro viaje de Estudios con el objetivo de añadirles conocimientos y herramientas basadas en la práctica de la Hotelería internacional. La idea es que participen todos aquellos que deseen acompañar a nuestros alumnos en esta experiencia tan enriquecedora. Ver descripcionViaje Chile Docentes

link magazine for article Monday

Tourism Review Go to front page of the magazine where is says “Older Isssues”and look for June’s issue 2009, there you will find all the intensive and extensive articules Good luck and nice weekend Carolina

heritage and tourism in Brazil

I´m copying the description of an interesting project on tourism and cultural heritage of black Africans and their descendants in Brazil…I hope you like it! Desafío de Geoturismo: Quality of tourist experience and educational benefit to tourists, Quality of benefit to residents for the destination, Quality of tourism management by destination leadership, Quality of stewardship […]

Info & practice

Dates updated: -Presentation ” International cuisine” : 21/10 -Written Quiz Units 9-10 : 21/10 . study the vocabulary or you’ll regret it!!! -Article from Tourism Review “Sustainable development” 26/10 PRACTICE: Discover the mistakes! All the sentences have mistakes. 1- You’ve got a lot books, haven’t you? 2- I need some paper but there’s few in […]

Oral Presentation “International cuisine” change of date

Hi everybody! The presentation will be on Wednesday 21st because there isn-t any available room on Monday for power point presentations. Nice weekend Carolina

Turismo es Ministerio

Con la publicación en el Boletín Oficial de ayer del decreto presidencial nº 1458 quedó confirmado que la flamante cartera de Industria pasará a llamarse Ministerio de Industria y Turismo, en cuya titularidad se ratifica la permanencia de Débora Giorgi. El propio decreto explica los motivos de la medida: “Considerando la trascendencia que el turismo […]

obama´s speech

Hello students. Here is the link to watch the speech…and also the transcription of the speech. moni REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT IN A NATIONAL ADDRESS TO AMERICA’S SCHOOLCHILDREN Wakefield High School Arlington, Virginia THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. All right, everybody go ahead and have a seat. How is […]

death on the nile

Hi students! Here I attach some nice activities about the reader Death of the Nile. Remember to read chapter 1 for Monday, so we’ll be able to discuss it. Regards, your teacher


here is a reminder of  our Intensive and Extensive readings: INTENSIVE Pinocchio’s land Canada’s French connection 10 trends point the way to future resort development Sustainable development CHAPTER 1 : Death on the Nile EXTENSIVE The Male get-away: only for him Women only hotels Stag-weekends: home or away? The growing and diverse spa market of […]

about Death on the Nile

Hello students, I`m copying and pasting an article on  death on the Nile that is worth reading. Bye. Tea, crumpets, and Death on the Nile By Kira Shewfelt Settled on the terrace veranda of the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, Agatha Christie began writing one of her famous murder mysteries. Soaking in the heat of […]


PASSIVE VOICE AND REPORTED SPEECH PRACTICE Hello everybody, First of all, Happy Student’s Day!!! Secondly, here I enclose more practice about passive voice and reported speech for the mid-term. Tomorrow Tuesday I’ll be at the UTN by 11.00am, handing in your quizzes. Have lots of fun !!!! My regards, your teacher



Alta Vista

Hi everybody! Visit the web site of Alta Vista winery, you will  find info about it and a map. Prepare questions to ask the guide to make your visit more interactive See you tomorrow Carolina


We’re visiting Alta Vista winery next Wednesday 16th. For the students who attend English at 8.30 the visit will be at 9.15. For the students who attend classes at 11.00 the visit will be at 11.15. Pls ask your teachers to let you leave the class some minutes before. Be punctual, the visit is going to be […]

Material and dates

September 14th : written quiz units 7 – 8 / short story “Taste” / copy ” How to taste wine” September 16th : winery visit September 23rd : 1st mid-term (units 7-8)

important dates

To all my English IV students, I just wanted to remind you of some important dates for the next two weeks: Monday September 14th: Quiz about Passive voice and reported speech- Wednesday 16th: visit to winery ( time and place to be confirmed) Monday 21st: general review of Units 7-8 Wednesday 23rd: First Mid-Term Test […]

passives and reported speech

Here is a site for you to practice grammar:  passives (choose 196) and reported speech (choose 270).

reported speech

Reported speech practice Hi students! As I’ve realized that this topic is not that simple to incorporate, here I enclose further practice about reported speech. I’d appreciate if you can print a copy of  the exercises done and bring it next Monday to class, so as I can correct it home. Enjoy it! your teacher

article for Wednesday

Hi everybody! The other day I sent you a message but I forgot to include the name of the subject the message was addressed to, so most problably you were not able to read it. It was just to remind you that this Wed. we´ll be discussing the article ” Pinocchio’s Land” ( that was […]


Hi everybody! Try not to miss classes. Yesterday we did lots of oral and written practice for reported speech. Tomorrow we’ll be checking the two copies I uploaded last week about R.S and you have to write a formal email and read Pinnocchio’s land. Carolina

Thailand long-neck women’s controversy

Lots of tourists want to see Thailand’s long neck women and plenty of people say that tourism has become part of the problem.  The Washington Post Travel tackles the issue in depth.

More about Pinocchio´s Land

Here I attach some information about Tuscany (Italy) and Pinocchio’s Park. I thought it ‘d be useful and interesting to broaden our geographical Knowledge while we discuss the article. Hope you like it. your teacher The Adventures of Pinocchio comes to life in Italy’s Pinocchio Park, in the village of Collodi. Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio’s creator, […]

Greetings and reminder

To all my English IV sutdents, This is to say hello to all of you, tell you we are now able to keep in touch whenever you need it and to remind you to read article ” Pinocchio’s Land” for Monday 30th. We´ll be discussing it in class. Bring a copy of it. Regards, your […]

Reported speech

How To Make Ex Want You Back Leave The Girl How To Make Ex Want You Back Leave The Girl

link to articles

Use this link to download the articles from Tourism Review, go to older issues 2009 and click on VI / 2009. The magazine has a bus on the cover. It takes a few minutes to download, be patient it’s worth it!

articles for class

Articles for intensive reading: – Pinocchio’s land – Canada’s French connection – 10 trends point the way … – Sustainable development Articles for extensive reading: – The Male get-away – Women only hotels – Stag weekends – The growing and diverse spa market in South Africa

about messy hotels

Is Your Hotel A Mess? By Kirby Payne and Bill Gillette, May 1, 2006 In virtually all the hotels we’ve served — the good and the bad — these commonalities are almost culture issues. If we find two or three of the good (or bad) aspects, we usually will find more — again, good or […]


What is Geotourism? We have all heard about Sustainable tourism. Let’s find out a bit more about geotourism.


To refresh our vocabulary, or learn new important words…. accomodation alojamiento admission fee costo de la entrada brochure folleto camping site sitio para acampar car rental (US) alquiler de autos car hire (GB) alquiler de autos car park (GB) estacionamiento city centre (GB) centro de la ciudad cruise crucero double room habitación doble double room with […]

Artículo en inglés sobre Mendoza

Essential Travel Info for Mendoza, Argentina From the Rugged Andes to 900 Vineyards, Mendoza is a True Utopia © Jeff Bartlett Jul 1, 2009 Mendoza is described by a single word – Diversity. Cerro Aconcagua, Las Leñas ski resort, 900 vineyards and annual Vendimia Festivals insure endless thrills for all. Located in Western Argentina at […]