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Tuesday 12th  , we´ll finish unit 5 and we´ll make a revision for the mid term. We´ll also discuss the article “Worst Medical Toursim Disasters”

Thursday 14th, guided tour videos about different  touristic places here in Mendoza.

Tuesday 19th, mid term 2:

Unit 3: Travel by road and rail

  • Grammar

Comparatives and superlatives

  • Functions

Dealing with enquires

Explaining car-hire arrangements

Describing tours

Dealing with problems-sympathising and calming

  • Vocabulary

Types and means of travel by air and rail

International etiquette

Unit 4: Tickets, reservations, and insurance

  • Grammar

Describing events in the past: simple past, past continuous and past perfect

  • Functions

Working with figures

Calculating ad quoting prices

Giving information from a chart

Booking a holiday

Sellling an air ticket

Making flight reservations

  • Vocabulary

Travel documents

Holiday disasters

Unit 5: Guiding

  • Grammar



  • Functions

Describing cities, buildings and people

  • Vocabulary

Guiding language: prepositions, superlatives, passives and present perfect

Guide commentaries.




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