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All the units are included in the oral exam. Remember the exam usually takes four parts:

1st, your presentation: this time it will be about an article from www.tourism-review.com. It should be related to one of the units we have studied such as  describing a festival, a particular destination in terms of its tranportation (cruises, trains, coach services), being a tour guide or guided tours

2nd, the readers. You will be answering questions abourt the readers( intensive and extensive ) as it appears in the syllabus but instead of  the book -which hasn´t arrived yet-  you’ll be you´ll be dealing with the following articles from www.tourism-review.magazine



3rd, you´ll have some role-plays. Mainly remember:  selling packages, enquiries about motorhomes holidays, travel insurances, booking flights, etc.

4th, talking about certain topics and using the necessary vocabulary:

  • describing af estival
  • talking  about a person who affected tourism in some way or other
  • describing  international etiquette: in Argentina, in Japan? (or any other place you find out about)
  • describing types of water holiday. (different options)
  • Describing past travel experiences using differente forms of the past.
  • Describing attractions (as in guided tours)

ok, if you have any questions, just let me know.




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