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All the units are included in the oral exam with Unit 6 about quality included as well.  Remember   the exam usually takes four parts:

1st, your presentation: this time it will be about an article from www.tourism-review.com. It should be related to one of the units we have studied such as  describing changes or showing statistics (unit 1), describing a destination and describing it in terms of the SWOT analisys (Unit 2, p16), or  talking about the brand image of a certain destination or  about e travel (unit 5) .  Remember to use the tips on how to give presentations in unit 5.

2nd, the readers. You will be reading and rereading all the intensive and extensive readers signaled in the syllabus. However, instead of the book for extensive reading, that hasn´t arrived yet, here you are the links for the readers you´ll be dealing with as extensive:



3rd, you´ll have some role-plays. Mainly remember:  negotiation with principals, a  job interview, giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, discussing future probability about different aspects of tourism.

4th, talking about certain topics and using the necessary vocabulary:

  • describing a graph related to tourism changes. (unit 1)
  • talking about your research on the brand image of Great Britain by Argentinian (unit 2)
  • talking about tour operation management (unit 3, p21)
  • comparing hotel groups (unit 4)
  • descring skills and personality (unit 4)
  • talking about online travel(unit 5)
  • Analysing the quality of customer service (unit 6, p46-47)

ok, if you have any questions, just let me know.




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