Hello everybody!

Here’s homework for next week:

  • From the student’s book (SB):
    • page 17, exercise 4. a and b, exercise 5. a, b and c
    • page 19, exercise 4. a and b, exercise 5. b
    • pages 22 and 23 (complete)
    • pages 90 and 91 (complete)
  • From the workbook (WB):
    • Unit 2, from page 12 to 19.

Here you have three interesting links to keep practicing, click on them to watch the videos:

Remember that we’re having a mini test next class, so feel free to ask as many questions as you need.

See you next class!








  1. Ailin A. Castroseptiembre 06, 2014   

    Ok miss, thank you! See you next class..!

  2. Mónica Ordoñezseptiembre 08, 2014   

    Ok! thank Teacher! see you!

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