Hello everybody!

Here’s homework for next class:

Student’s book:

  • page 26, Ex. 1 and 2
  • page 27, Ex. 6a and 6c
  • page 32, GRAMMAR; VOCABULARY (only Ex. a)
  • page 33, Ex. 1a


  • page 20 and 21 (complete)
  • page 23, Ex. 3a and 3b

We’re meeting early on Thursday, at 5pm, to review those issues you’re having difficulties with. See you soon (any doubts please feel free to contact me).

PS: Indiana, here you have some exercises to keep practicing the possessive ‘s. You have to re-write these phrases using the possessive:

Example: The window of the classroom. The classroom’s window.

1. The daughter of Johann. _________________________

2. The children of Miguel. _________________________

3. The sisters of Angel. _________________________

4. The house of my aunt. _________________________

5. The car of my family. _________________________

6. The bedroom of Cristina. _________________________

7. The coat of Paul. _________________________





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