Hello everyone (and Happy Mother’s Day!)

As promised, a detailed recap of what there’s to do for next class:

  • Units 11 and 15 from Tourism and Catering Workshop. Remember that the Get Real exercise on page 17 is to hand in and will be issued a grade mark. Here are the directions we agreed on: Work in pairs. You have a week and €1400 (or the same amount in another currency). Plan a journey in a country of your choice (you’re already in that country, so don’t worry about getting flights in and out of that country). Use guidebooks or the Internet to get timetables and information. You’ll probably need to use the present continous with future meaning as you will be speaking about set plans for the future. You may consult dictionaries: The Free Dictionary or Reverso (if you use Reverso, remember to check the word usage in the examples provided at the bottom). Do not use automatic translators, it will not help you help learn to manage English on your own.
  • Unit 2 from “English for International Tourism Workbook.”

Last, but not least I’ll let you know when we’re having an extra class this week as soon as I confirm it.

If you have doubts or questions, don’t hestitate to contact me.

See you soon, Rosario

  1. Marisa Lemunaooctubre 21, 2014   

    Buenas tardes Rosario!!
    Estoy un poco complicada con la organización del TP N°3.
    Tengo varias dudas con el vocabulario y que debo tener en cuenta para planificarlo.
    Nos vemos!
    Marisa L.

    • rosariovallverduoctubre 22, 2014   

      Hello Marisa,
      You have to plan a journey. Make a list using the present continuous to specify plans, for example: We’are arriving at the Clarion Hotel on November 24th – We’re staying for two nights – Cost: U$200
      I need you to be specific about your doubts. Tell me and I’ll try and help you. See you later, Rosario

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