Conditionals and Relative Clauses

Hi students,

Here I send you our calendar for the following weeks. They are important dates for you to have in mind:

Wednesday 4th Nov. -Oral presentation about CELEBRATIONS . ( last oral mark)

Monday 9th Nov. -QUIZ about Units 11-12 and final review for exam.

Wed 11th Nov. -MID-TERM TEST #2

Mo 16th . -Class discussion on article Sustainable development in Quebec- Handing in of test results and averages.

Wed. 18th . -OFFICE HOURS


Wed. 25th – MID-TERMS MAKE UP ( 1&2)

I’ve also attached some nice exercises to help you practise the two last grammar structures taught in Units 11 & 12. Hope they are useful for you- See you

your teacher

  1. Georginanoviembre 04, 2009   

    Carolina, I’m really sorry for not coming for the oral presentations, but I satrted some internshipd and I had an obligatory course to attend, I assume I will have directly an oral make up, but this would make me loose the chance of promotion. I hope there´s something I can do not to make up, if you need I can bring a hotel certificate to justify my absence.
    I expect your promp response,

  2. Marian Lunanoviembre 05, 2009   

    Carolina, do we have to study vocabulary for the next quiz? Thank you!

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