Dates updated:

-Presentation ” International cuisine” : 21/10

-Written Quiz Units 9-10 : 21/10 . study the vocabulary or you’ll regret it!!!

-Article from Tourism Review “Sustainable development” 26/10

PRACTICE: Discover the mistakes! All the sentences have mistakes.

1- You’ve got a lot books, haven’t you?

2- I need some paper but there’s few in here.

3- She hasn’t had much lessons yet.

4- I don’t have many energy these days.

5- I don’t think I can lift this box on my own. I need a few help.

6- I didn’t needn’t watered the garden because it’s raining.

7- I may be go swimming tomorrow.

8- Anna wasn’t be allowed to take photos.

9- You may report to me everyday. I’m your boss!

10- Shall you open the window?


  1. Juanoctubre 23, 2009   

    Hello Carolina! i would like to know about where could i find the article..
    i searched on the web but i cant´t found it.
    Please let me know asap.
    Nice weekend

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