Hi everybody!

I remind you of our agenda for the next days:

Wed Nov. 24th: make ups for quizzes

                    Colloquies: Hotel Management: Andreína Córdoba, Natalí Ceverino, Marcos Chionetti

                                            Tourism: Cecilia Hernandez, Romina Maurelli, Alexis Miranda.

BRENDA CARRIÓN: there was a mistake with the average of your written quizzes marks for the SECOND SHIFT. Unfortunately, you WILL NEED to sit for the  make up ( topics included : Relative clauses, conditionals and passive voice in the wine making process.)

Mo. Nov 29th: make ups for Mid-terms 1 and 2.

If you need to clear any possible doubt out, feel free to contact me through Cátedra virtual.

Have a nice weekend and see you on Wednesday!

your teacher.

  1. Soledad Gallardonoviembre 22, 2010   

    Hol profesora Ramos, el miércoles no puede ir y queria saber si debo recuperar el quiz al cual falte. Por favor envieme su respuesta lo más pronto posible. Le envio mi mail en el caso de que no pueda responderme mediante catedra virtual: solcitogallardo@live.com. Espero que sepa disculpar las molestias. Saludos. Sole Gallardo

    • m victoria ramosnoviembre 26, 2010   

      Hi Soledad,
      Your condition is REGULAR. You don`t own any exam. Now,If you`re planning to sit for the final and you need to consult possible doubts, check my day for office hours. Monday 6th December, 9.30 am-
      Mrs Ramos

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