Go to page 18 from the coursebook and do the following excercises.

  1. Do excercise 1 on vocabualry
  2. Then the reading excercise 2 about Nathan Wilson.
  3. With the information in excercercise 2, do excercise 3 to complete Nathan’s profile.
  4. The read infromation about GRAMMAR: SIMPLE PRESENT AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS on page 19.
  5. Click on this link for extra explanation and further practice on this topic.
  6. Then, do excercise 5 and 6  in the book.
  7. Prepare a list of 5 routine and 5 temporary activities from Nathan´s life. Prepare them for oral lesson.

See you Tuesday 25th. The Mid term test will be taken on May 2nd.


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