Dear students:

To deliver your pesentation, use the structure in this document: Structure for oral presentations as a guide.

Design a 4/5 – day itinerary in Mendoza,

Work in groups (no more than 5 people)

Prepare a Prezi / Power Point

Include the information required (page 61 on the coursebook) and add any detail you consider important.

See you in class!

  1. Solseptiembre 18, 2019   

    good afternoon teacher
    The exhibitions are also for tomorrow Thursday 18th?
    Thank you

    • Liliana Buccellaseptiembre 23, 2019   

      Hello Sol!
      Sorry for my delay in the answer.
      This insructions were for my students, I think you are not in my group.
      Whenever you read a post, please check who wrote it. Unless it says is for both groups, just pay attention to the news or comments of YOUR teacher.
      Thanks for asking anyway!
      See you soon!

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