Remember the midterm is on Tuesday and on Monday we can have an online class just in case you have some doubts you want to clear up. I´ll be connected from 15.30 to 17.30 .

Click here for practice on:  different verb tenses; future forms; modal verbs, air travel vocabulary; hotel facilities vocabulary and dialogues

Study and work hard! I´ll be waiting for your questions tomorrow!

  1. Lourdes Gonzálezseptiembre 28, 2009   

    Hello Miss!! How are you??

    Miss las lecturas de Australia y New Zealand van incluidos en el parcial de mañana??

    • Silvina Sarmientoseptiembre 28, 2009   

      Hi Lourdes! I made it clear that the reader is not included in the exam. Just one oral question for those who never talked about the reader.

  2. sandra lazzoniseptiembre 28, 2009   

    hola profe queria saber si todos los dialogos de la clase pasada entran en el mid-term. y si es asi podemos guiarnos con algunos dialogos que estan en la parte de atras del libro??

    • Silvina Sarmientoseptiembre 28, 2009   

      Sandra, not all the dialogues are included in the exam. We picked one from the list I gave you, but you should have them all prepared in advance. Of course the book will be of great help for these dialogues. Try the link on hotel facilities and dialogues I uploaded yesterday. There are some good examples for “checking in” / making reservations on the phone” .

  3. Valeria Vidalseptiembre 28, 2009   

    What means get cockpit and gangway?

    Does the get off/disembark the same than landing??

    The parctice is very complete but, the webs are complicated for open (slow and long)I can`t open the article: “speaking about…”

    • Silvina Sarmientoseptiembre 28, 2009   

      Look at the word lists again. The meanings are similar but they change accordingly for the different means of transport: plane (landing, aisle, cockpit -where the pilot flies the plane) and ships (dissembark, gangway -which is the boarding bridge to the ship, ) and so on

  4. Lourdes Gonzálezseptiembre 28, 2009   

    sorry and thank you miss!! see you on Tuesday!

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