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Instead of a quiz, you will work on the following READING COMPREHENSION ASSIGNMENT  in pairs on the articles that you were supposed to read for tomorrow, Thursday 22nd. We won’t have  regular classes in the morning as we are going to visit DIPLOMATIC HOTEL on Friday 23rd at 3pm.

The deadline for this assignment is Saturday 24th June at 11.59 pm.  You can send it to me in an attachment to my email: silsarmiento@gmail.com

See you on Friday.



1)      Read  the text about MOHAMMAD  DAIFALLAH and answer the questions.50p

a)      When and where was he born?

b)      What did he study at the University?

c)       What did he like most about his job?

d)      How was his job helpful in his career?

e)      Why is it Feynan Lodge called ecolodge?


2)      Read about KATIE CHARALAMBOUS and say TRUE or FALSE and correct the false statements. 35p

a)      Kalosorisate is the place where her grandmother and her sisters lived.

b)      The Polis area is one of the most important places from a touristic point of view.

c)       She remembers the afternoon walks with her aunt (giagia).

d)      She dreamed with becoming a hotel receptionist.

e)      She inherited her grandmother’s house and she got money to restore it.

f)       She finds accommodation in her place to be hectic.

g)      The place offers facilities associated to the history of the place but nothing is modern or technological.

3)      Find on page 42 and explain in your own words. 15p

A retreat back to our roots:

To be able to stand by any difficulty:

We are bonded together:

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