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Here I send you the results of your make-ups. The students who were absent to sit for them, are LIBRES , unfortunately.  Remember next Monday 29th, you’ll have the ones for the Mid-terms. I`ll be at the UTN to hand in the make ups and clear out possible doubts.


your teacher


Juan Manuel Arrese: PASSED           Romina Blanco: PASSED

Erica Arévalo: PASSED                        Leandro Brisoli: PASSED

Mariana Babugia: PASSED                  Yésica Cabañas: PASSED

Gisel Bernasconi: PASSED                   Victoria Caputo: PASSED

Brenda Carrión: PASSED                      Lucas Covassi: PASSED

Alejandro Escoz: PASSED


Gimena Cornejo: PASSED                          Rocío Payán: PASSED

Natalia Figueroa: PASSED                         M José Campos: PASSED

Déborah Gonzalez: PASSED                     Ingrid Ramirez: PASSED

Mariana Kruzliak: PASSED                       Pedro Ramonda: PASSED

Manuel Martinez: PASSED                        Daiana Salinas: PASSED

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