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Simple Past : regular and irregular verbs

Past of verb To Be

  1. Last year I (spend)———————————– my holiday in Ireland.
  2. It (be)———————— great.
  3. I(travel)—————————————– around by car with two friends and we(visit)———————— lots of interesting places.
  4. In the evenings we usually (go)———————————- to a pub.
  5. One night we even(learn)————————-some Irish dances.
  6. We(be)———————— very lucky with the weather.
  7. It(not rain)————————————— a lot.
  8. But we (see)——————————————- some beautiful rainbows.
  9. Where (spend/you)—————————————————-your last holiday?

10. Our company( start)—————————  business in 1995.

11. We (order)——————————— the goods two months ago.

12. I (send)——————————- you the letter last week.

13. We (receive )——————————your order yesterday.

14. The postman (come )—————————-in, (give)——————————- me the documents and (leave.

15. When I (arrive)——————————–, Anne was talking on the phone.

16. I ( not/ get )—————————————–your letter yesterday.

17. Mister O’Brian ( not/ be )———————————in the office last week.

18. (Sarah / go)———————————————————- to the trade fair on Thursday?

19. (you sing)—————————— me ten minutes ago?

20. (you/ start)————————————– English lessons?


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