about messy hotels

Is Your Hotel A Mess? By Kirby Payne and Bill Gillette, May 1, 2006 In virtually all the hotels we’ve served — the good and the bad — these commonalities are almost culture issues. If we find two or three of the good (or bad) aspects, we usually will find more — again, good or […]

Artículo en inglés sobre Mendoza

Essential Travel Info for Mendoza, Argentina From the Rugged Andes to 900 Vineyards, Mendoza is a True Utopia © Jeff Bartlett Jul 1, 2009 Mendoza is described by a single word – Diversity. Cerro Aconcagua, Las Leñas ski resort, 900 vineyards and annual Vendimia Festivals insure endless thrills for all. Located in Western Argentina at […]