Revisions for Mid term Test 2

Hi there! Here you have some links to practice on the grammar studied. 1- Passive forms: 2- Have /get something done: 3- Indirect questions: Included Questions/Indirect Questions Exercises With Answers 4- Past perfect: Good luck!


Dear students: Remember to prepare the oral presentation for next Tuesday, October 29th. We know you can do a great job! See you next class. Viviana y Liliana


Dear students, these are very important dates for you to have in mind: October, 31st (Tuesday): written quiz Units 8 and 9 (grammar & vocabulary) November 9th (Thursday): Mid Term 2 (units 8, 9 and 10) November 21st (Tuesday): Make ups oral and wrtitten quizzes. November 23rd (Thursday): Make ups Midterms – Colloquies (based on extensive reading […]

Language for presentations

GIVING TALKS AND PRESENTATIONS   1 Introducing the topic The aim of my presentation is to … I’ve divided my presentation into ( three parts ) 2 Referring to questions Feel free to interrupt if there’s anything you don’t understand If you don’t mind, we’ll leave questions till the end 3 Introducing each section So, […]

Info & practice

Dates updated: -Presentation ” International cuisine” : 21/10 -Written Quiz Units 9-10 : 21/10 . study the vocabulary or you’ll regret it!!! -Article from Tourism Review “Sustainable development” 26/10 PRACTICE: Discover the mistakes! All the sentences have mistakes. 1- You’ve got a lot books, haven’t you? 2- I need some paper but there’s few in […]



Alta Vista

Hi everybody! Visit the web site of Alta Vista winery, you will  find info about it and a map. Prepare questions to ask the guide to make your visit more interactive See you tomorrow Carolina


We’re visiting Alta Vista winery next Wednesday 16th. For the students who attend English at 8.30 the visit will be at 9.15. For the students who attend classes at 11.00 the visit will be at 11.15. Pls ask your teachers to let you leave the class some minutes before. Be punctual, the visit is going to be […]

Material and dates

September 14th : written quiz units 7 – 8 / short story “Taste” / copy ” How to taste wine” September 16th : winery visit September 23rd : 1st mid-term (units 7-8)


Hi everybody! Try not to miss classes. Yesterday we did lots of oral and written practice for reported speech. Tomorrow we’ll be checking the two copies I uploaded last week about R.S and you have to write a formal email and read Pinnocchio’s land. Carolina

articles for class

Articles for intensive reading: – Pinocchio’s land – Canada’s French connection – 10 trends point the way … – Sustainable development Articles for extensive reading: – The Male get-away – Women only hotels – Stag weekends – The growing and diverse spa market in South Africa