licenciatura mza. inglés 1: notas de recuperatorios y coloquios

recuperatorios: araujo: 4 y 6; Kaucich: 4 y 4; Lombino: 7; Luna: 7; Pelleriti: 5; Rivas: 7 practical works y quizzes: Luna7,Rivas7, Balnco7,Mozzicafredo7. coloquios:breccia7,Domsic8,d’aste8,enrique8, fernández7,moreno8,pederiva8,tenti8.

licenciatura, inglés I, recuperatorios y coloquios

When?  Wednesday 22nd. June Who? RECUPERATORIOS: Q1: Rivas; PW1: Rivas; P1: Araujo, Kaucich, Lombino, Luna, Pelleriti. PW2: Blanco, Luna, Mozzicafredo; P2: Araujo, Kaucich COLOQUIOS: Breccia, Enrique, Domsic, D’Aste, Fernández, Moreno, Paniccia, Pederiva, Tenti.

Exercises Simple Past

Hello everybody! I attach some extra exercises for the Simple Past tense. You can do them at home and in case you have questions, do not hesitate in contacting me or you can ask me before or after our classes.  Past Simple Mrs Leticia Farías

syllabus and readings (intensive and extensive)

Hello people, I´m copying your syllabus and the articles here, but in case you want to have a look at the magazine, here is the link. First, the syllabus. Progrlicingl1 now the articles for intensive reading h5 d5_2 t4 m1 and….the ones for extensive reading (except Gulliver, of course) complaint_communication p6 You can also ask […]

heritage and tourism in Brazil

I´m copying the description of an interesting project on tourism and cultural heritage of black Africans and their descendants in Brazil…I hope you like it! Desafío de Geoturismo: Quality of tourist experience and educational benefit to tourists, Quality of benefit to residents for the destination, Quality of tourism management by destination leadership, Quality of stewardship […]

MTV about you

A new study by MTV Being young: an “attitude” that can last until 34 A new study reveals that the “golden age” of youth is between the ages of 25 and 34, and that this period is really more a question of “attitude” than it is “demographic.” The investigation, done for MTV, also proves that […]

environmental impact

Hello students, I`m copying an  interesting paper on environmental impact that could be used for class discussion. Hope you like. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF URBAN AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT A case history:  Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico By Peter V. Wiese, retired exploration geologist Executive Summary Before its development, Cancún Island was a barrier island, 17 km long […]

revista digital y otras yerbas

gente de inglés I de la  licenciatura: les mando un par de sitios interesantes para leer y practicar. -artículos en una revista digital -sitio para listenings y práctica de pronunciación -sitio para práctica de temas de gramática