licenciatura mza. inglés 3: recuperatorios y coloquios

recuperatorios: demarque6, fernández4 y 4,rodaro6, suden 5 y 5. practical works y quizzes: de luis 7, fernández 4 y 4, rodaro 5, suden 5 coloquios  furlán 9, minotto 8, quilodran 8, santonato 8.

licenciatura, inglés III, recuperatorios y coloquios

When?  Wednesday 22nd. June Who? RECUPERATORIOS: PW1: de Luis, Fernández, Rodaro; P1: Fernández, Suden. PW2: Fernández, Suden ; P2: Demarque, Rodaro, Fernández, Suden. COLOQUIOS: Furlán, Minotto, Quilodrán, Santonato.

At Bertram’s Hotel

here is  the link to watch “Marple: At Bertram’s Hotel”, by Agatha Christie, in parts. bye.

Practical works 1 and 2. Inglés 3, Licenciatura Mendoza.

Here you have practical works 1 and 2. Practical Works 1&2-inglés3- 2010 Remember…deadline: april 19th. bye, moni

syllabus and readers (intensive and extensive)

Hello people, I´m copying your syllabus and the articles here, but in case you want to have a look at the magazine, here is the link. First, the syllabus. Progingl3lic2010 now the articles for intensive reading p2_2 d1 t2 m5 and….the ones for extensive reading d4 customer_preference_for_restaurant_technology_innovations  the voyage You can also ask for paper copies downstairs, […]