licenciatura medoza inglés4: parciales, recuperatorios y coloquios

– parciales: CAETANO 3, DE LUIS 5, FERNÁNDEZ 2, FREIRÍA 4, HUGALDE 6, MINOTTO 7, MONTENEGRO 4,                                                      QUILODRÁN 6, RODARO 3, SANTONATO 7, SUDEN 3. -recuperatorios:  PW1 CAETANO;   […]

make ups licenciatura inglés IV

Here are the marks: Alessi…quiz 5….mid-term 5                                                  Puglisi….quiz 6…mid-term 6                 Broin…quiz 6….mid-term 6                                                    Ríos….quiz 6                  Fischetti…quiz 7                                                                        Sosa…mid-term 4 Lasalle….quizzes 6 & 6                                                             Wilde….quiz 5….mid-term 4                         González…mid-term 5

inglés IV next quiz

Your next quiz is on September 15th. You have to read articles 1Cider makes a comeback on Vancouver Island and 2 Integrated online marketing.


PASSIVE VOICE AND REPORTED SPEECH PRACTICE Hello everybody, First of all, Happy Student’s Day!!! Secondly, here I enclose more practice about passive voice and reported speech for the mid-term. Tomorrow Tuesday I’ll be at the UTN by 11.00am, handing in your quizzes. Have lots of fun !!!! My regards, your teacher