Mar 16, 2012 by Silvina Sarmiento Category: Inglés, Inglés III 4 comments

Read this short article, find out their locations and be ready to talk about them in class!See you on Tuesday!

  1. cynthiamarzo 16, 2012   

    Ok. See you on tuesday!

  2. Ornellamarzo 19, 2012   


    Which exactly is the article that we have to read for tomorrow? Because that link takes me to Tourism Review’s home page.. Is it: TRAVELING STILL POPULAR IN AMERICA DESPITE CRISIS?

    Many thanks.

    • Silvinamarzo 19, 2012   

      Ornella look for the article called “The ten samllest countries in the World” it’s in that page.

      • Ornellamarzo 19, 2012   

        Ok, thank you!

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