Simple future (will)

-predictions:    It´ll rain tomorrow

-promises/intentions:  I´ll keep your secret

-threats:  I´ll never speak to you again!

-suggestions:  Shall we go to the cinema?

-offers:  I´ll carry that for you.

-sudden decisions:  Is she ill? I´ll phone her, then.

Going to

decisions/plans:  I´m going to go to B.A. in July.

-predictions with evidence:  Look at those clouds. It´s going to rain.

Pr. Continuous (v+ing)

-arrangements:  We  are meeting tomorrow at seven.

Pr. Simple (do-does)

-fixed events/timetables:  Banks open at 8 tomorrow.

Fut. Continuous (will+be+ving)

-plans taking place in the future:  What will you be doing in July?

-changes expected to happen:  In a hundred years time, we will be taking holidays on the moon.

Fut. Perfect

-anticipating a point when a situation will be completed :  By 2012 I´ll have been at UTN for 5 years.

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